Castrol Edge Extended Performance vs Mobil 1 Annual Protection

This motor oil is produced with Fluid Titanium Technology. It provides outstanding performance in cars, light trucks, and SUVs. The special technology makes it more powerful under pressure. This motor oil has anti-wear additives, it performs well in extreme conditions. It maintains viscosity levels.

Mobil 1 annual protection is full synthetic motor oil. Its exclusive anti-aging technology keeps the engine clean and prolongs the engine’s life. It provides wear protection and takes away harmful sludge. It keeps the engine clean and polishes its parts for better performance.

Quick Comparison

The specification table shows the difference between both of the oils clearly.

SpecsCastrol Edge Extended PerformanceMobil 1 Annual Protection
Oil TypeAdvanced full syntheticFull synthetic
Engine TypeGasoline/DieselGasoline
Available viscosity grades0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-300W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30,
APISP, SN, SN PLUS SN, SP, SP Resource conserving  
Cost27.47$ for 5 quartz52$ for 5 quartz
Oil change frequency10,000-15000 miles20,000 miles
AdditivesAnti-wear, friction modifiers, viscosity index improver, Fluid Titanium technologyAnti-wear, Dispersant, Viscosity index improver, Proprietary anti-aging technology

Oil Type Comparison:

Castrol Edge Extended Performance is formulated with Fluid Titanium technology. It extends drain intervals of your vehicle up to 20,000 miles. It is advanced full synthetic motor oil. It fights against sludge. It does not allow deposit build-up. It is the best oil for high-performance vehicles like racing cars.

Although, Mobile 1 Annual Protection is used when engine protection is the preference. It gives decisive cleaning action to the engine. It is produced by full synthetic formulation. This oil provides good performance at low temperatures. It is the best oil for modern vehicles, especially in cold weather.

Comparing Additives:

Additives make the engine performance of your vehicle better. Motor oil enhances its properties when combined with some perfect additives. 

Castrol Edge Extended Performance oil has:

  • Friction modifiers to minimize the rolling and sliding of the parts of the engine.
  • Viscosity index improver to thicken the oil at high temperature.
  • Anti-wear additives to prevent wear and tear in different components of engine because of metal-to-metal contact
  • Fluid Titanium technology protects the engine and covers the parts of the engine to be safe.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection has: 

  • Anti wears to prevent damage to different parts of engine
  • Dispersant to prevent the formation of slime, make it free of deposits and varnishes.
  • Viscosity index improver to make the oil thin at cold temperature 
  • Proprietary Anti-aging Technology to maintain good life of engine
Castrol Edge Extended Performance available viscosity grades
Castrol Edge Extended Performance available viscosities

Engine Performance Comparison:

Catalytic Converter Performance

 It depends on the Excellency of oil. The work of the catalytic converter is to change the harmful mixture of gases into safe gases; when engine oil does not have the quality of neutralization, the catalytic converter damages due to the formation of toxic substances like phosphorus. On account of motor oil’s existence in your vehicle’s exhaust system, carbon formation occurs in the catalytic converter. This carbon makes a harmful impact on the working of the catalytic converter. It causes toxic gases exhaustion and also becomes a cause of catalytic converter failure.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance has fluid titanium technology that works under pressure. It maximizes the engine’s response with the reduction of deposit build-up. It makes the emission system of the vehicle work well in all conditions.

While Mobil 1 Annual Protection gives your vehicle the assurance that oil change frequency will be reduced because oil can last for almost a year. It is compatible with the car’s emission system. It regulates the efficiency of the engine. It is capable of being used in all types of automobiles. It minimizes the distortion of the gasoline catalytic converter. It provides long-term protection against drain and deposit build-up. It generates less hydrocarbon pollution.

Reduction of Sludge build

The main reason for the failure of the engine is sludge build-up. Your vehicle needs maintenance as per its condition. The color of motor oil becomes dark when there’s sludge build-up in the engine.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance physically changes the oil behavior under extreme pressuresThe fluid Titanium technology is bonded to a polymer backbone.

 Mobil 1 Annual Protection reduces sludge build-up and deposit formation. Its rapid protection formula can provide long life to the engine.

Oil Burn-off protection 

Oil burn-off takes place due to weary parts of the engine. But premium quality motor oil doesn’t let this happen. The additives, which are mixed with the oil, have anti-wear properties which do not allow wear and tear in different parts of the engine due to friction. As a result, your vehicle runs smoothly. 

Castrol Edge Extended Performance has anti-wear additives and fluid titanium technology that helps the engine reduce the oil burn-off.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection assists in decreasing specific deposit build-up in particular filters. So there’s less deterioration in engine parts that’s why there are few chances of oil burn-off. That is why it is proven to last 20,000 miles.

 Minimizing Engine Wear-Off

Usually, the engine lessens its performance because of some factors. It would help if you take good care of your vehicle to make it run smoothly. There are some factors that can cause damage to your engine. Your engine should have enough oil to perform well. It should be adequately checked and changed at the exact time. Low oil levels do not lubricate the moving parts of the engine. So, that causes damage.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance oil has fluid Titanium technology. It works best under pressure. It prevents wear, friction, heat, and deposit.

Indeed, Mobil 1 Annual Protection also has anti-wear properties. This additive ensures the minimum engine wear off by not allowing any kind of friction between the parts of the engine.

Engine Seals Protection

The seal of the engine can be damaged due to oil leakage. Oil leakage is the problem when the driver does not use proper oil with additives. The seals can be damaged when the oil has corrosive materials in it.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance contains unique fluid titanium technology that does not allow oil outflow. So, the condition of the seals remains good.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection contains anti-aging additives. It helps to maintain the oil performance. It increases the protection interval against drain formation. It does not allow oil leakage. The engine of the vehicle stays in good condition for a long time.

Improved Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption can be improved by keeping a vehicle well-maintained. If it is not properly serviced, then it will consume more fuel. You will be spending extra money on fuel.

Certainly, Castrol Edge Extended Performance is six times stronger to protect against wear. Its features make it the best to improve fuel economy.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection helps to diminish oil aging. It allows longer drain intervals because of its premium quality. It improves fuel economy in such a way that your car does not need maintenance for a long time. You can enjoy the journeys up to a year with this motor oil.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection available viscosity grades
Mobil 1 Annual Protection Available viscosities

Viscosity Comparison:

The viscosity of oil depends on the temperature. Thin-oil assists the engine to start quickly. The extreme temperature needs thick oil to keep up its pressure and uphold heavy loads. That is the reason oils are available in multi-grade viscosities.

Castrol EDGE Extended Performance is available in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 multi-grade viscosities.

Mobil 1 Annual Protection is also available in 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30 multi-grade viscosities.

Here in 0W-20, 0 is the viscosity of the oil when the engine starts and it is cold when the engine is running and its temperature increases oil becomes thicker and its viscosity changes from 0 to 20 providing proper lubrication to all parts of the engine, reducing friction and ensuring less oil consumption.

Oil Change Frequency Comparison:

Generally, it is suggested to change the oil of your vehicle every 3,000 miles. It also depends on the vehicle model and its working. The requirement of oil change usually takes place after every three to four months a year. But now, this interval can be extended up to a year depending upon the sort of oil you use.

Castrol Edge Extended Performance should be changed every 10,000-15,000 miles. Your vehicle gives outstanding performance once you change your motor oil regularly. It helps in lubricating the engine properly. 

Mobil 1 Annual Protection gives you the best offer it promises you to provide annual protection. Its oil change frequency is up to 20,000 miles. This will provide you with the optimum performance of the oil for the whole year. 

Cost Comparison:

Castrol is a British oil company that delivers the best lubricants for your engine. It supports every variety of vehicle’s motor oil. Full Synthetic oils are slightly expensive as compared to standards oils. You can purchase 5 Quartz of Castrol Edge Extended Performance for $27.47.

On the opposite hand, 5 Quartz of Mobil 1 Annual Protection costs $52. The oil is expensive because of its premium quality. The price is surely worth it because it saves you the maintenance cost which you would spend when you’d go for an oil change twice or thrice in a year.


Castrol Edge Extended performance gives your vehicle high performance. It is a premium quality motor oil that works well under all weather conditions. It is fully synthetic and keeps your engine like new.

The most prominent quality of Mobil 1 Annual Protection is that it can last up to a year in your car providing you to take over 20,000 miles. It is costly because of its unmatchable performance.

 Finally, the selection depends on your vehicle. Mobile 1 Annual Protection provides you high mileage while Castrol Edge extended performance offers a smooth drive experience even for high-performance cars.