Motul 8100 VS Mobil 1 Full Synthetic

Both are fully synthetic motor oils designed for outstanding engine protection and other fuel benefits including cost. More specifically, Motul 8100 is compatible with gasoline and diesel engines and reduces … Read More

Motul 5100 Vs 7100

Motul 5100 is semi-synthetic while its counterpart Motul 7100 is fully synthetic. Both of these are made for 4-stroke engines, mainly used in motorbikes and other vehicles. Motul 5100 contains … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra vs Total Quartz 9000

Shell Helix Ultra is fully synthetic engine oil that is best suited for modern high-performance, low emission engines. Modern vehicles need an engine oil that can keep up with their … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra Vs Motul 8100 Xcess

Shell Helix Ultra is made up of group IV base oil and many additives to enhance its cleaning and anti-wear ability in severe conditions. Its ultimate cleansing technology is unparalleled … Read More

Motul 7100 Vs Shell Advance Ultra

Both of the contenders are 100% synthetic engine oils made for high-yielding motorbikes, sports bikes, and off-road bikes fitted with 4-stroke engines. Both contenders meet the latest JASO MA2 and … Read More

Liqui Moly Top Tec 4200 vs Top Tech 4600

Both contenders are 100% synthetic engine oils designed for gasoline and diesel engines integrated with a syntheses technology, delivering good efficiency and reducing friction. Both contenders perform well in extreme … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra vs Petronas Syntium 7000

Both oils are entirely synthetic, developed to utilize in both gasoline and diesel engines. Shell Helix Ultra is formed from Pure Plus Technology which mainly focuses on providing engine cleanliness … Read More

Valvoline vs Pennzoil Synthetic Oil

Both oils here are fully synthetic used for both gasoline and diesel engines. Valvoline Advanced focuses more on performance, while the Pennzoil Platinum is more oriented towards the overall cleaning … Read More

Loctite Threadlocker 242 VS 243

Both Loctite 242 and 243 are categorized as Blue threadlockers since they have medium strength and can be generally removed with hand tools, without heating. Loctite 242 is a threaded … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra Vs Castrol Edge

Both of the engine oils are fully synthetic with Shell being made from natural gas, as its base stock, instead of crude oil. While Castrol is made from crude oil … Read More

Marvel Mystery Oil vs Lucas Oil

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Shell Rotella T4 vs T5 vs T6

In the engine oil business, Shell has been a pioneer and one of the superior and successful manufacturers. Their engine oils are produced using the most advanced techniques and up-to-date … Read More

Castrol GTX vs Castrol Edge

Both the motor oils perform wonderful as they belong to the same well reputed company. Castrol GTX uses fluid titanium technology and additives which helps keep your engine protected and … Read More

Shell Rotella T6 vs Royal Purple HP

T6 and HP are both wholly synthetic where T6 is made to be used for heavy-duty diesel engines while HP is used for passenger car gasoline and light-duty diesel engines. … Read More

Shell Advance Ultra Vs Motul 5100

Both contenders are top-tier engine oils designed for high-performance 4-stroke motorcycle engines. Ultra is a fully synthetic engine oil while its competitor is a blend of synthetic and best mineral … Read More

Who makes Walmart Oil?

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Can you mix Red and Green Anti-freeze?

The simple answer is no. Mixing these anti-freezes can cause problems for the engine. In fact, mixing any type of antifreeze can cause problems because every vehicle comes with its … Read More

Royal Purple HMX VS Royal Purple HPS

Both these oils are fully synthetic where HMX is only compatible with gasoline engines having 75,000 miles plus covered, while HPS can be used with both the petrol and diesel … Read More

Valvoline VR1 vs Amsoil Z ROD

Valvoline VR1 and Amsoil Z ROD are both fully synthetic motor oils designed to be used in high-performance gasoline engines, where Z ROD is also suitable for older or modified … Read More

Silkolene Pro 4 vs Motul 7100

Both competitors are 100% synthetic and integrated with Ester Technology to reduce engine internal friction, provide better performance in extreme temperatures, deliver good solvency, and improved shear resistance for engine … Read More

Total Quartz 9000 VS Castrol Magnatec

Quartz 9000 Future and Castrol Magnatec are both made for gasoline engines only, where Future is a full synthetic oil while Magnatec is a semi-synthetic oil. The Total Quartz focuses … Read More

Castrol GTX VS Castrol Magnatec

Both lubricants here are fully synthetic oils developed for both gasoline and diesel engines. Here GTX specializes in cleaning the sludge and reducing its built-up. And the Magnatec focuses on … Read More

Who Makes Honda Oil Filters?

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Liqui Moly Molygen vs Liqui Moly Top Tec

Liqui Moly Molygen is a fully synthetic motor oil with a proprietary additive system, where the Liqui Moly Top Tec is a synthetic-technology-based low-friction motor oil. Let’s look at these … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra vs Shell Helix Power V

Ultra and Power V are both synthetic oils, developed using Shell’s PurePlus technology, that are made for modern gasoline, diesel (without particulate filters), and gas engines. Ultra has an effective … Read More

Castrol Power1 2T VS Motul 710 2T

Both competitors are fully synthetic, advanced, and high-performance engine oils designed for high stressed 2-stroke motorcycle engines. Both of them meet the latest lubricant standards for better performance and enhance … Read More

Total Quartz 9000 vs 9000 Energy

Total quartz 9000 and total quartz energy, both of these engine oils, are high-tech and radical. Total quartz 9000 is suitable for diesel and gasoline passenger’s car engines, particularly best … Read More

Who manufactures Stihl 2 cycle oil?

The actual manufacturer of this oil is Castrol Company which is well-known for making premium quality engine oils. It is distributed by Stihl AG & Co. KG but this company … Read More

Motul 8100 vs Motul 300V

The Motul 8100 has terrific technical parameters for engine safety and lubrication, making it an excellent desire for BMW M vehicles. High-overall performance automobiles that require viscous oil, which include … Read More

Who Makes Mopar Filters?

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Valvoline vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

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Who makes Super Tech Oil Filters?

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Lucas Oil Stabilizer Problems

Lucas Oil Production Inc has developed a special formula to be added with motor oils that protect the engine and enhances its performance called Lucas Oil Stabilizer. There has been … Read More

Who Makes Super Tech Oil?

Super Tech oil is one of the most widely used engine oil available in the market. These oils are fully synthetic and are used for gasoline type of engines only. … Read More

Detergent Additives in Lubricating Oils

These are ingredients of any engine oil as they help the engines by cleaning up the sludge and other deposits (which hinders parts functioning). Calcium, magnesium, sodium, barium, and other … Read More

Muc Off Dry Lube vs Muc Off C3 Ceramic

Both contenders are biodegradable dry chain lubes best for shielding bike’s protection manufactured by Muc-off. Both have an innovative formulation that lessens friction and energy consumption to ensure smooth and … Read More

Havoline pro DS vs Mobil 1 ESP

Havoline Pro DS full synthetic engine oils, formulated with Deposit Shield Technology are designed to provide the best measure of protection for high-performance motors. It’s designed to give outstanding wear prevention … Read More

Castrol Vs Mobil 1

Castrol and Mobil 1 are among famous brands when it comes to reliable, purely synthetic, and efficient engine oils. Before we dive into the discussion of which one is better … Read More

Flash Point of Engine Oil

The Flash point is defined as the minimum temperature at which a liquid develops enough vapors to ignite (flash) when it is exposed to some igniting source. Most gasoline oils … Read More

Oil Filter Brands to Avoid

The main purpose of oil filters is to screen the oil before it flows through the engine. It removes the impurities from the oil which can damage the engine by … Read More

Motor Oil Brands to Avoid

They say if the engine is considered a heart, then motor oil is surely the blood that flows through it. The following notion explained the unbreakable relation between both. Motor … Read More

Ate Typ 200 vs Ate SL6

Both contenders are DOT 4 brake fluids which are an essential part of your brake system. It greases the system’s inner mechanisms and transmits the force of your foot on … Read More

Motul 300V vs Amsoil 4T Performance

Both the contenders are synthetic engine oils made to provide maximum performance in severe weather conditions. Both the contenders have very reliable chemical and shear stability with decreased evaporative loss … Read More

Can I Use 5W-20 Instead of 5W-30?

Motor oils are rated based on certain factors that include their viscosity, or resistance to flow, and how they handle high and low temperatures. Auto manufacturers suggest a certain kind … Read More

Castrol Power1 XR77 vs A747

Both of the contenders are two-stroke racing engine oils with XR77 being designed for motorcycle and kart engines while its competitor is manufactured solely for water-cooled two-stroke engines built-in into … Read More

5W-20 vs 0W-20

5W-20 and 0W-20 both represent the SAE multigrade classifications which are allocated to engine oils. While 0W-20 grade oils are designed for colder climates, the 5W-20 grade oils are manufactured … Read More

Amsoil Saber Professional vs Stihl HP Ultra

Both are fully synthetic which makes the contenders highly efficient, performance boosters. Both contenders because of being synthetic rely less on additives, decrease downtime for maintenance and increase the life … Read More

Valvoline MaxLife ATF vs Valvoline Dexron VI

Both are synthetic and high-performing transmission fluids manufactured by Valvoline to prevent transmission breakdown in engines. Both include friction modifiers to reduce sliding. MaxLife is formulated with fully synthetic base … Read More

Shell Advance AX5 VS Shell Advance AX7

Both the contenders are specially designed for four-stroke motorcycle engines which are equipped with standard air and water cooling systems. They are made with Shell’s Active Cleaning and RCE Technology … Read More

Motul 5100 vs Motul 300V Factory Line Road

Both contenders are 4-stroke engine oils manufactured by Motul, suitable for racing motorcycles installed with high-performance engines. These contenders are also applicable to street bikes, ATVs, and UUTVs. 5100 is … Read More

Castrol A747 vs Motul 800

Both lubricants are intended for use in multi-cylinder, water-cooled two-stroke engines seen in road racing vehicles where combustion chamber deposit management is critical. Castrol A747 2T has outstanding high-speed and … Read More

Amsoil Dominator vs Amsoil Interceptor

Both these engine lubricants are completely synthetic and used for 2-stroke engines. Amsoil Dominator is well-known for its superb shielding from the engine’s wear and tear meanwhile Amsoil Interceptor focuses … Read More

Valvoline SynPower Vs Pennzoil Platinum

These are “Fully Synthetic” motor oils with Platinum having support for both diesel and gasoline engines while SynPower is only compatible with gasoline-type engines. SynPower combats the principal sources of … Read More

Motul 5100 vs 3000

Both these oils are a synthetic blend and are compatible with all 4-stroke motorbike engines. Motul 3000 4T’s focal point is to provide protection against the pre-combustion of oil meanwhile … Read More

Motul RBF 600 vs Motul RBF 660

Both Motul RBF 600 and Motul RBF 660 are entirely synthetic along with an identical visual appearance. On top of that these braking fluids are equally compatible with all types … Read More

Motul 5000 vs Motul 7100

Motul 5000 4T is semi-synthetic meanwhile Motul 7100 4T is fully synthetic motor oil specifically designed for 4-stroke motorbike engines. 5000 generally emphasizes proper engine rinsing on the other hand … Read More

Motul 3100 vs Motul 5100

These oils are semi-synthetic developed using Technosynthese technology reinforced by Ester stocks. They are compatible with 4-stroke engines only. The primary concern of Motul 3100 Gold 4T is to ensure … Read More

Viscosity of Engine Oils

There are several properties of engine oil that affect its performance but the most significant is viscosity. Which is defined as the resistance of any liquid to flow at a … Read More

Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters?

At present, ACDelco Oil Filters are commonly made and supplied by Champion Laboratories, aka FRAM. These filters are made in China but supplied to various parts of the world with … Read More