Castrol GTX vs Castrol Edge

Both the motor oils perform wonderful as they belong to the same well reputed company. Castrol GTX uses fluid titanium technology and additives which helps keep your engine protected and gives it a longer life. Castrol Edge, on the other hand, is a strong engine oil which works 10 times better specially under higher temperatures.

However, Castrol Edge being a full synthetic motor oil runs more miles. Still, both engine oils perform stunningly in their own places and are definitely worth a buy.

Castrol GTX is a conventional motor oil which is most suitable for gasoline/petrol and turbo charged diesel engines. It is one of its company’s most famous motor oil as it uses the Ultraclean’s double action formula which provides 50% more engine protection compared to other industrial engine oils and also helps in extending the engine life.

Castrol Edge is a premium full synthetic motor oil which is suitable for passenger cars using petrol/gasoline/diesel engines.

This motor oil is often in demand because of its unique formulation of TriSheild Technology that keeps the engine super clean and free from deposits which make it suitable for use under extreme temperatures.

The following is a detailed comparison between Castrol GTX and Castrol Edge motor oils.

Castrol GTX vs Castrol Edge

SpecsCastrol GTXCastrol Edge
Oil TypeConventionalFull Synthetic
Engine TypeGasoline
Turbo charged Diesel
Available Viscosity Grades10W-20

What type of oils are these?

The oil type tells you a lot about the qualities and properties of an engine oil. Thus, it is vital to check this out before you purchase any motor oil.

Castrol GTX is a premium conventional motor oil.

This means it is the standard form of oil in which special additives are added to help improve its viscosity and engine protection.

Moreover, conventional or mineral oils are known to be more budget friendly compared to other forms of oils.

Castrol Edge is a full synthetic motor oil which makes it’s the most refine form of oil since it is purely made in the laboratory which gives it a perk of providing better engine protection along with smooth running compared to any other oil.

Full synthetic motor oils work amazingly under extreme weather conditions.

Let’s look at their viscosity grades:

Motor oils are available in various viscosities and grades which make them more suitable to be used in lower or normal temperatures.

Castrol GTX is available in 3 different grades which are 10W-30, 10W-40, and 20W-50.

castrol GTX viscosities
Castrol GTX available viscosity

According to the SAE standard, this motor oil is suitable for colder temperatures and is optional for use for higher temperatures too. Here for example, the digit 10 stands for grade at low temperature with W indicating winters and the digits 40 and 50 state the grade at normal temperature.

The engine oil is normally thin during start up as the engine is cold but becomes thicker once the engine is heated up so that too much oil is not consumed.

The viscosity index improvers provide advanced protection against viscosity and help maintain the performance. Castrol GTX meets and exceeds the API standard and ILSAC GF-6 standard.

Castrol Edge is available in 7 different grades which are 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-50, 10W-20, 10W-30.

castrol edge viscosities
Castrol Edge available viscosity

According to the SAE standard this motor oil is suitable for use in both lower and higher temperatures.

The motor oil gives good performance in lower temperatures but it is best suited for summers.

The digits 0, 5 or 10 indicate grade at lower temperature with W indicating winters. The digits 30 and 50 indicate grade at normal temperature.

The viscosity index improvers particular boost performance under extreme temperatures. Castrol Edge meets and exceeds the API standard and ILSAC GF-6 standard.

Comparing Additives:

Advanced technology and special additives are added into motor oils which help boost performance and maintain the quality of the oil.

Castrol GTX uses the fluid titanium based technology which helps improve performance and provides strength under extreme driving conditions.

Moreover, the additives present in this motor oil are anti wear agents, detergents, viscosity index improvers and anti oxidants.

Castrol Edge uses the fluid titanium technology and the TriShield technology which helps provide extra protection against harmful deposits.

The additives present in this motor oil are anti oxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, anti wear agents, detergents and viscosity index improvers.

Engine Performance Comparison:

Catalytic converter performance

It is important to make sure the catalytic converter performs great. Usually, when an engine runs, it burns off small amounts of vapors which can easily get into the car’s emission system and produce by products like phosphorous which may poison the catalytic converter.

Moreover, if an engine misfires, it may cause incomplete combustion which causes overheating and also indicates a faulty converter.

Castrol GTX is formulated with titanium based fluid technology and a micro thin layer which helps keep the engine protected from any harmful deposits formation.

Moreover, the motor oil has special molecules present in it that cling to engine parts and reduce oil consumption by reducing any oil vaporization. Thus, the car’s emission system is protected and the catalytic converter performance is maintained.

Castrol Edge uses the TriShield technology which provides extra protection to the engine from sludge deposits and helps enhance the engine’s performance.

The anti oxidants helps reduce any oil vaporization and thus the oil particles do not evaporate easily and so do not enter the car’s emission system.

How they reduce Sludge?

When the engine stays heated for long intervals, oxidation takes place and the engine oil comes in contact with oxygen.

The oil particles further break down and combine with dirt to form carbon and then in the presence of gas, coolant and water, this eventually forms a thick sticky paste known as sludge.

Sludge can cause various issues such as blocking the valve and reducing oil pressure which stops proper oil circulation in the engine that leads to damage.

Castrol GTX uses the fluid titanium technology and intelligent molecules which attach to various engine parts to provide extra protection to it.

Moreover, special additives such as detergents present in this motor oil provide superior protection against any harmful sludge built up.

Castrol Edge uses its unique TriShield deposit technology which particularly focuses on eliminating the production of sludge and other harmful substances.

The detergents plus rust and corrosion inhibitors present further facilitate the reduction of sludge built up and prevents any reaction from taking place between the metal surfaces and moisture.

Do they provide Oil burn-off protection?

Oil Burn off protection is vital since heated engines can cause the oil molecules to evaporate and thus result in the oil level to drop.

This would mean increased oil burn off would result in more fuel consumption and you would have to change the motor oil more frequently.

This issue also leaves the engine unprotected and produces harmful emissions which increases sludge deposits, causes poor low temperature start and performance loss.

Castrol GTX uses additives which provide superior protection against any thermal breakdown and stops oil molecules from evaporating.

The anti oxidants further provide oxidation stability and reduce any oil vaporization.

Castrol Edge, has anti oxidants which specifically help reduce and stop the oil from evaporating especially under high temperatures. In fact, this motor oil is known to perform 10 times better under high temperatures. Furthermore, the fluid titanium technology helps promote oil burn off protection.

Do they minimize Engine Wear off?

Special additives such as the anti wear agents are added into motor oils to help minimize any engine wear off and boost performance.

Castrol GTX uses top quality base oils along with special anti wear agents which help reduce any wear or tear and extend the engine life.

The double action formula of this motor oil also helps clean away any sludge deposits on the engine surfaces and thus keeping it protected.

On the other hand, Castrol Edge is known to have 6 times better engine protection.

The anti wear agents present in this motor oil protect the engine from any wear and tear and also help reduce any friction related wear between the metal surfaces in the engine.

Do they provide engine seal protection?

Advanced technology and extra cleaning detergents are added into engine oils which help protect the engine seal and provide longer lasting performance.

Castrol GTX has a micro thin layer of molecules that help protect the engine seal.

The titanium based technology provides superior protection against sludge, dust and other harmful substances that may damage the engine seal.

Moreover, the detergents present in the motor oil help keep the engine clean and free from any sludge issues.

Castrol Edge has cleaning detergents in it which helps protect the engine from any harmful deposits built up especially when the engine gets heated up.

The TriShield deposit technology used in this motor oil further protects the engine seal from any dirt and sludge issues.

Do they improve fuel economy?

If your engine is protected and works properly, then fuel consumption can be reduced. Thus, oil burn off protection and a reduction in sludge built up can significantly reduce the level of oil consumption.

Castrol GTX is made up of unique molecules which attach to the most demanding engine parts and help improve the fuel economy.

Special additives such as anti oxidants promote lesser oil consumption which means you would not have to change your engine oil too frequently.

Moreover, the detergents further help keep the engine clean and free from any sludge built up.

Castrol Edge full synthetic motor oil improves fuel economy by protecting your engine and boosting its performance. The TriShield deposit technology gives superior protection against harmful deposits and sludge which could damage the engine.

The anti oxidants reduce any oil burn off and thus control the level of oil consumption.

Oil change Frequency:

Having an engine oil which gives you high mileage and does not require to be changed too frequently is like a dream come true.

Castrol GTX being a conventional motor oil is recommended to be changed more frequently as compared to full synthetic motor oils. This motor oil needs to be changed after about 5000 to 6000 miles.

Luckily, Castrol Edge gives you high mileage and does not require to be changed too frequently as it uses innovative TriShield Deposit technology along with special additives which help boost performance along with providing a longer engine life.

This motor oil can work up to 15, 000 miles before it requires to be changed.