Liqui Moly Molygen vs Liqui Moly Top Tec

Liqui Moly Molygen is a fully synthetic motor oil with a proprietary additive system, where the Liqui Moly Top Tec is a synthetic-technology-based low-friction motor oil. Let’s look at these both oils in detail.

For Liqui Moly Molygen the advanced MFC (Molecular Friction Control) technology avoids the production of deposits while lowering frictional losses. Even under extreme working circumstances, the synergetic action ensures optimal wear prevention. The oil also has high thermal stability, which means it is resistant to aging. This results in less sludge formation and increased cleanliness, as well as the continued operation of your hydraulic systems.

Coming to Liqui Moly Top Tec, this oil provides excellent wear resistance and reduces oil thickening caused by soot drag-in. Ensures engine performance and ensures that the diesel particulate filter (DPF) operates reliably and for the longest possible time. Even when there are significant intervals between oil changes, it provides optimum performance (up to 30,000 km). To safeguard the environment and the soot particle filter, it’s low in Sulphur.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecificationLiquid Moly MolygenLiquid Moly Top Tec
Viscosity grades5W-20
Engine typeGasoline and DieselGasoline and diesel
Oil typeFully syntheticFully synthetic
AdditivesAntioxidants, antiwear agents, extra cleaning detergent, dispersant, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and viscosity index improversAntioxidants, antiwear agents, rust and corrosion inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, and detergents
Oil Change frequency5000 km24,000 miles

Engine comparison

Liqui Moly Molygen motor oil is suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines and performs well even when the engine is subjected to harsh conditions. Molygen employs cutting-edge technologies to help save money and safeguard engines while also improving performance. As a result, this motor is also safe and dependable for usage in your automobiles.

Liqui Moly Top Tec is appropriate for gas and diesel engines with general rail technology. Gas-powered automobiles (CNG/LPG) and automobiles with diesel particulate filters (DPF) – in addition to retrofits – are in particular properly suited. With catalytic converters and turbochargers, it turned into observed to be safe.

Additives comparison

Liqui Moly Molygen oil additives clean the motor from the inside out, reduce friction and wear, save oil, and prevent corrosion. They are excellent for both petrol and diesel engines and aid in the restoration of your vehicle’s original performance.

Its gasoline and diesel fuel additives maintain the entire fuel system clean and ensure proper combustion and compression. MOS2, ceratic, ceramic compounds. It is also made with innovative technology, which contributes to the motor oil’s environmental friendliness.

Antioxidants, antiwear agents, additional cleaning detergents, dispersants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, and viscosity index improvers are among the additives in this motor oil.

Liqui Moly Top Tec additives operate like vitamins and trace elements. Liqui Moly Top Tec motor oil contains various additives and employs cutting-edge technology to help it function at its best.

Antiwear agents, antioxidants, rust and corrosion inhibitors, viscosity index improvers, and detergents are among the additives. An essential foundation for ensuring that you get the most enjoyment from your customers’ cars for as long as possible. MOS2, ceratic, ceramic compounds.

Both the oils contain Ceratec and MoS2, recommended supplementary ingredients for further reducing friction. MoS2, like Ceratec, generates a low friction barrier when mixed with engine oil, which reduces wear, saves fuel and oil, and improves engine durability.

It achieves these advantages by smoothing down the rough metal-to-metal contact surfaces that cause wear on those components. Because of the incredibly low friction coefficient, your engine will run more smoothly, and the moving parts will last longer.

Oil type comparison

Liqui Moly Molygen is made with full synthetic technology, ensuring that the combination is 100 percent pure. This is a high-performance motor oil that provides excellent protection against dangerous deposits in the engine. Furthermore, because Molygen is full synthetic motor oil, it is very fuel-efficient and operates admirably even when the engine is subjected to harsh conditions.

Liqui Moly Top Tec is a complete synthetic motor oil with an improved wear protection formulation. This motor oil provides the fastest start-up oiling and the least amount of wear and strain caused by friction between metal surfaces.

Furthermore, this motor oil maintains the engine clean and prevents sludge deposits from forming, resulting in longer engine life.

Because Liqui Moly top Tec and Molygen are both full synthetic motor oils, it’s safe to assume that they’re equally dependable and increase performance.

Viscosity comparison

5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W-50, 10W-30, and 10W-40 are the viscosities available in Liqui Moly Molygen motor oil. This motor oil, according to the SAE standard, is suited for both low and high temperatures. More precisely, the viscosities 5W-20, 5W-30, and 5W-40 are better for lower temperatures, whereas the viscosities 10W-30 and 10W-40 are better for higher temperatures.

Furthermore, the numbers 5 and 10 represent the grade during low temperatures, with W indicating winters, while the numbers 20 and 30 show the grade at average temperatures. Furthermore, the viscosity index improvers give superior stability and performance even at high driving temperatures.

Molygen available viscosity grades

Liqui Moly Top Tec is a multi-grade motor oil available in 0W-16, 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 10W-30 viscosities. This motor oil is more suitable for lower temperatures, according to the SAE standard. The 10W-30 viscosity rating, on the other hand, is better suited to typical temperatures.

The viscosity index improvers make it even easier to maintain and improve performance in high temperatures. The API standard and the ILSAC GF-5 standard are both met and exceeded by Liqui Moly top Tec.

top tec available viscosity grades

All of the viscosities of these two oils are perfect to use for Mercedes, Audi, cars, trucks, light vans, agricultural equipment, marines, and industrial machines.

Oil change comparison

Molygen motor oil offers one of the best lubricating properties, allowing it to last longer in the engine. This high-mileage engine oil lasts between 30 000 and 50 000 kilometers before it needs to be replaced.

On the other hand, Liqui Moly Top Tec is a high-tech motor oil that claims to last up to 24 000 miles between oil changes.


Engine performance

Molygen combines cutting-edge additives and a unique molygen additive to help keep the engine oil clean, prevent dangerous deposits from forming, and reduce frictional losses in the engine.

Liqui Moly Top Tec combines cutting-edge HC synthetic technology with advanced additives to safeguard all engine parts, even at severe temperatures. The motor oil also aids in preventing oil molecules from evaporating at high temperatures and maintaining oil pressure at low temperatures, allowing for a quick cold start.

Reduction of sludge built.

Liquid moly Molygen aids in the prevention of dirt and hazardous chemicals accumulating. Sludge does not build upon engine surfaces because of the cleaning detergents in the motor oil.

Likewise, the engine is kept clean and clear of hazardous deposits using Liqui Moly top Tec. The additional cleaning detergents and dispersants in this motor oil aid in preventing dirt and sludge from developing and accumulating in the engine.

Engine wear-off protection.

Liquid moly Molygen employs multi-valve technology, allowing oil to flow freely through all engine components even when running at high speeds. The antiwear ingredients in this motor oil help reduce engine wear and protect the engine from damage caused by friction. Detergents and other additives assist in keeping the engine clean and clear of sludge buildup.

Liqui Moly Top Tec combines HC technology with cutting-edge additive technology to promote smooth engine operation while extending engine life.

The detergents in the oil keep it clean, which aids in engine maintenance and performance. This motor oil is well-known for its lubricating abilities. These additives also help in the reduction of wear caused by friction.

Improved fuel economy

liqui moly Molygen is fantastic engine oil that helps you save money on gas by keeping the oil clean and free of hazardous compounds, minimizing wear and tear, and improving performance. The detergents provide excellent sludge prevention, which helps to increase fuel economy. Additionally, specific Liqui Moly Molygen additives aid in the reduction of oil vaporization.

Liqui Moly Top Tec motor oil has increased its fuel efficiency, resulting in a significant reduction in fuel consumption. The detergents in this motor oil help to prevent sludge buildup in the engine and extend its life. Furthermore, the antioxidants prevent any oxidation from occurring and defend against oil burn-off.


Both Liqui Moly Top Tec and Molygen are engine oils made by the same company, Liqui Moly. This provides them the advantage of being well-known and trustworthy, as they have been in business for nearly 50 years. Both of these engine oils are inexpensive and provide excellent mileage.

Furthermore, these engine oils’ latest technology and additives provide excellent cleaning properties, improved engine protection, and increased fuel efficiency. As a result, you can buy any motor oil from these two with confidence!