Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Blend vs Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The Valvoline family is all the rage in the motor oil world. This family is generated by following the perfect formula for your vehicle. You can search out the perfect one by keeping your vehicle in mind.

Here Valvoline Maxlife is a high mileage oil mixture that is composed to shield over an engine up to 75,000 miles. Valvoline uses Maxlife technology to prevent the engine to leak oil. In addition, it formulates a shield against wear, heat, friction, and sludge.

For the other oil, basically, it is fully synthetic oil that provides protection to hard-working vehicles in extreme conditions. It guards the engine against engine failure when continuously working. Further, it also protects the engine against surge and dragging.

Compare Valvoline Advanced with Pennzoil Full Synthetic Oil

Side By Side Comparison:

Valvoline MaxLife

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Valvoline Full Synthetic

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SpecsValvoline Maxlife Synthetic Blend OilValvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Oil
Oil TypeSynthetic-blendFull synthetic
Engine TypeGasolineGasoline
Available Viscosity GradesSAE 0W-20, SAE SW-20, SAE 5W-30, SAE 10W-30,SAE 10W-40, SAE 20W-50SAE 0W-16, SAE 0W-20, SAE 5W-20, SAE 5W-30, SAE 10W-30
APISP, SN WITH SN PLUS, Resource ConservingSP,SN WITH SN PLUS, Resource Conserving
Oil change frequency5000 miles5000-7500 miles
AdditivesAntiwear, rejuvenate seal, detergent, maxlife technologyDetergents, antiwear, dispersant, antioxidants,

Oil Type Comparison:

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil is a blend of natural oil and synthetic oil. It returns the life of the engine. It is formulated to fulfill the needs of high mileage engines. It yields good performance to the new and old engines.

Although, Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil is the most powerful synthetic oil. It is generated with the highest quality synthetic oil. It fulfills all the requirements of a turbocharged engine. It is generated to give high-level efficiency fuel. It makes a cover against sludge under extreme conditions.

Comparing Additives:

Additives are responsible for the performance of vehicles. Motor oil enhances it properties when combine with some perfect additives.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has

  • Seal conditioning agents which prevents engine to leak oil.
  • Extra cleaning agents which removes dirt effectively.
  • Anti wear additives which prevents the parts of gear to contact a metal to another metal
  •  Friction modifiers which lessens sliding and colliding of small parts of engine.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil has

  • Anti wears which prevents the parts of gear to contact a metal to another metal
  • Detergent which neutralizes oil impurities.
  • Dispersant this prevents the oil being slime, varnish and other deposits.
  • Anti oxidants protects the engine life in extreme conditions.
valvoline SB grades
Valvoline MaxLife Synthetic Blend Viscosity Grades

Engine Performance Comparison:

Catalytic Converter Performance:

It depends on the Excellency of oil. The function of the catalytic converter is to change the harmful mixture of gases into safe gases. When engine oil does not have the quality of neutralization, then the catalytic converter damages due to the formation of harmful substances like phosphorus.

When due to motor oil entrance in the exhaust system of your vehicle, carbon formation occurs in the catalytic converter. This carbon makes a bad impact on the working of the catalytic converters. It causes harmful gases exhaustion and also catalytic converter failure.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil protects against leakage of oil. Extra cleaning agents give life to the engine as well as the catalytic converter.

While Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil prevents oil sludge which reduces engine drags. It has the ability to neutralize impurities. The oil does not form sludge. So that, the engine works well and the catalytic converter remains in its shape and works well.

Reduction of Sludge build:

It is the main reason for the failure of engine performance. You need to maintain your vehicle exactly on time. When the motor oil looks thick and dark in color that means your vehicle is facing a sludge building.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil works in removing dirt. Hence, it assures the deformation of deposits in the engine. The oil does not turn dark and thick in extreme conditions. Maxlife technology formulates a shield to protect from making sludge.

Evidently, Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil prevents oil sludge which reduces engine drags. It has the ability to neutralize impurities. Antioxidants agents reduce the rate of degradation.

Oil Burn-off protection

Motor Oil burns off due to weary parts of the engine. But good motor oils do not allow the parts to be weary. The additives used in that have anti-wear properties which do not allow the parts contact with each other. As a result, your vehicle runs smoothly.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has a reduced volatile nature which minimizes the oil burn-off. The oil does not allow friction to take place. That is why it prevents the sliding and colliding of parts.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil does not affect the seal. It does not allow the older engine to burn off the oil. The lubricants present in the oil make it stronger to use in extreme conditions.

 Minimizing Engine Wear-Off

Usually, the engine lessens its performance because of some factors. You should take care of your vehicle to make it perfectly fit in running.

There are some factors that cause damage to your engine. Your engine should have enough oil to perform well. It should be checked properly and changed at the exact time. Low oil levels do not lubricate the moving parts of the engine. So it becomes damage.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has Maxlife technology. Therefore it prevents wear friction heat and deposit.

Surely, Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil has very few impurities. They are specially formulated to clean the engine. It does not be a cause of engine wear.

Engine Seals Protection

The seal of the engine can be damaged due to oil leakage. Oil leaks when not using proper oil with additives. The seal can damage when the oil has corrosive materials in it. The viscosity grades of motor oil are more important factors of seal protection.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has the feature of a premium seal conditioner that results in proper aging of the seal. It does not allow the seal to leak oil. The oil proves to give better and longer life to your engine.

Clearly, Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil has the same feature for seal protection. It also gives good age to the engine seal. It prevents oil leakage. The engine of the vehicle remains in good condition.

Improved Fuel Economy

The fuel consumption can be improved by keeping a maintained vehicle. If it is not, then it will take much fuel. You will be spending extra money on fuel. Also, you should shut down the car engine when it is stopped. It can also improve your fuel economy.

Certainly, Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has a formula of oil leakage prevention and good condition of the seal. It provides the best outcomes for improving fuel economy.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil has the formula which fulfills the requirements of not only the present age but also the future age. It causes a reduction in fuel consumption.

Its best formula provides longer maintenance intervals. The additives prevent making sludge and oil leakage which assures the best performance at all conditions.

Viscosity Comparison:

The viscosity of oil depends on the temperature. Thin-oil decreases friction and assists the engine to start quickly. The high temperature needs thick oil to maintain its pressure and uphold heavy loads.

valvoline advanced FS
Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic Viscosity Grades

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil has viscosity modifiers. It can flow easily. It prevents the vehicle from a thermal breakdown in all weather conditions. Different viscosity grades provide a variety to use. It is good for both old and new engines. The available viscosity grades are SAE OW-20, SAE SW-20,SAE 5W-30, SAE 10W-30,SAE 10W-40, SAE 20W-50.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil has an extremely low viscosity that is formulated for modern petrol engines. The viscosity level varies less. It is more stable as temperature changes. It improves friction to all viscosity breakdowns. The available viscosity grades are SAE OW-16, SAE OW-20, SAE 5W-20, SAE 5W-30, SAE 10W-30.

Oil Change Frequency Comparison:

Generally, it is suggested to change the motor oil of your vehicle every 3,000 miles. It also depends on the vehicle model and its working. The interval of the oil change was done after every three months in the past. But now some modern vehicles can extend the intervals up to once a year depending upon the type of oil you use.

Valvoline Maxlife Synthetic blend oil should be changed every 5000 miles. Your vehicle gives the best performance when you change your motor oil regularly. It lubricates the engine properly.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil should be changed every 5000-7500 miles to make its performance better.


You can protect the investment in your vehicle by purchasing high-quality motor oil. It maximizes the life of your vehicle engine. Valvoline is in the race of making high-quality motor oils for 140 years.

Valvoline Advanced full synthetic oil fights against reducing power. It is the cause of improving fuel economy. It prevents oil leaks. It resists increase cost consumption. Special additives prevent a reduction in engine power. A special conditioner seal helps to prevent oil leaks. It minimizes oil consumption and maximizes power outcomes.

Valvoline full synthetic motor oil makes sure to increase the age of your car engine. It fights against heat, deposits, and wear. It really protects your vehicle engine from high temperatures. Its additives do not allow sludge formation. If you want to improve engine stress then choose Valvoline full synthetic motor oil.