Amsoil Saber Professional vs Amsoil Dominator Synthetic Oil

Both the contenders are synthetic engine oils specially made for 2-stroke motorcycle engines. And they both provide great performance to engines but Saber is more focused on preventing carbon deposits in the engine that causes ring sticking and exhaust port blocking. While Dominator is made for providing premium protection to racing bikes in resilient circumstances.

Both contenders also fulfill the requirements of API TC.

This makes both the contenders resistive to oxidation, and they have great detergent performance and dispersion.

Amsoil Saber is smokeless engine oil that offers outstanding lubricity and throttle response.

It has a higher flash point which helps it to provide exceptional performance in extreme hot climate conditions.

It offers a great deal of environmental adaptation. It also comes with the additional benefit of fuel stabilization.

Amsoil Dominator is made with an anti-friction formula which makes it more efficient in protecting the engine than its competitor.

It has a high zinc contribution additive package which makes it quite protective against wear.

It has more quantity of cleansing additives and detergents making its cleaning ability very reliable.

It offers excellent performance in extremely cold temperatures. It consists of a very strong film to withstand high heat.

Compared to Dominator, Saber is more adaptive to environmental change, performs better in a high-temperature environment, and offers advanced features. On the other hand, Dominator performs remarkably well in cold weather, provides better cleaning ability & fuel efficiency, and is more protective against anti-wear. When talking about price, Saber has a lower price than its competitor.

Quick Spec Sheet:

SpecificationsSaber Professional Dominator Racing Oil
Engine Type                 Motorcycle Engine (2-stroke)Motorcycle Engine (2-stroke)
Oil Type100% Synthetic100% Synthetic
Package size1.5oz, 3.5oz, 8oz, 1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 50 Gallon1 Quart, 1 Gallon, 16 Gallon, 30 Gallon, 55 Gallon
Fuel/oil ratio100:150:1
Warranty SecureYesYes
API StandardTCTC
Cost (1 Gallon)98 $119 $

What Features do Amsoil Saber offer?

  • It does not create smoke and produces emissions in the ratio of 80:1 and 100:1.
  • It provides outstanding performance and protection in a lean mixing ratio.
  • Offers a very reliable throttle response.
  • It can stabilize fuel to prevent fuel deterioration during storage.
  • It optimizes power and efficiency helping the equipment to last longer.
  • It controls friction efficiently which helps in preventing wear, plug fouling, and ring sticking.
  • It offers a quite convenient price as cuts cost by up to 50% with great performance.

What features do Amsoil Dominator offer?

  • It provides phenomenal film strength to deal with the high heat produced in the engine.
  • It is made with the anti-friction formula which prevents the damage of moving parts and enhances efficiency.
  • It protects the coating pistons by decreasing piston-to-cylinder wall clearances.
  • It consists of a robust formulation that further helps in the protection of the engines.
  • It is a clean-burning synthetic base oil with a large number of detergent additives helping it in controlling deposits.
  • Saber becomes superior to its competitor in this contest due to its more beneficial features.

Lets evaluate their viscosity differences:

Kinematic viscosity and viscosity index are the two main factors that are analyzed when comparing the contenders in terms of their viscosity.

Kinematic viscosity can be defined as the ratio between dynamic viscosity and fluid density.

It basically determines how efficiently the engine oil will flow.

The viscosity index is a unitless value used to measure the occurrence of the change in the kinematic viscosity due to temperature alteration.

The lower the viscosity index, the more will be the change in kinematic viscosity.

Saber experiences more change in kinematic viscosity due to its lower viscosity index which is considered a very good aspect.

Due to this, Saber will be less viscous and will have a better environmental adaptation ability than its competitor. So, Saber becomes superior to its competitor in this category.

But when it comes to fuel efficiency, Dominator would take the lead as its kinematic viscosities at both temperatures are relatively lower than its competitors.

It suggests easy oil circulation in the engine.

ParameterSaber Professional Dominator Racing Oil
Viscosity Index132166
Kinematic Viscosity at +40 °C107.40 mm²/s35.20 mm²/s
Kinematic Viscosity at +100 °C14.00 mm²/s7.00 mm²/s

Which performs better in extreme temperatures?

The engine oil cannot withstand extreme hot or cold climate conditions as the oil will find it difficult to flow under these extreme temperatures.

The engine oil can lose its flowing ability due to freezing in the extremely cold climate and gets depleted in the hot region which leads to engine oil deficiency in the engine.

The specific temperature value where the engine oil will start losing its flowing ability is known as the pour point.

And the point where it gets depleted due to being burned down is referred to as the flash point.

The oil freezes when it reaches the pour, while burns when it reaches the flash point.

When analyzing both contenders, we can say that Saber is better than its competitor in extremely hot weather because of its higher flash point.

But the scenario is different in cold climate conditions, as the Dominator will have a more enhanced flowing ability in extremely cold weather due to its superior pour point value.

ParameterSaber Professional Dominator Racing Oil
Pour Point-40 °C-54 °C
Flash Point180 °C94 °C

Which of the oils has the better cleaning ability?

Reactions such as oxidation can cause many problems in the engine oil.

The main problem it causes is the formation of sludge and deposits in the engine oil.

This is also the reason why cleansing additives are used as they are important for the removal of sludge and deposits.

The more minerals in the engine oil, the more efficient will be its cleaning ability.

With more quantity of cleansing additives than its competitor, Dominator will be considered superior in this category.

It also has extra detergent additives which will further help in removing wastage such as sludge and deposits in the engine oil.

Which provides more Anti-wear Protection?

Engine heat and oxidation can cause engine failure. High heat can burn lubricant while oxidation can cause the formation of wastage in engine oils which causes further wear.

The better the engine oil deals with these issues, the more protective it is against wear and engine failure.

Zinc is one of those minerals helping the engine oil to resist anti-wear.

Due to the additive package of Dominator involving more amount of zin, it becomes superior to its competitor in this category

Dominator further has many reasons to justify the above claim.

It contains additives that directly address heat, friction, and pressure.

Its anti-friction chemistry provides more protection against piston scuffing and bearing wear.

Its outstanding film strength and lubricity also help it to withstand high heat.

Which out of these both, cost less?

Saber has a price of $98 per gallon while Dominator has a price of $119 per gallon.

Dominator has a higher price than its opponent as it is more resistive against wear and has better cleaning ability.

Dominator also provides exceptional performance in extremely cold weather.

Its anti-friction formula further justifies its higher price.


Saber Professional;

  • is more adaptive to environmental change.
  • offers better performance at extremely high temperatures.
  • has more features and a lower price.

Dominator Racing Oil;

  • is more resistive against anti-wear.
  • has better cleaning ability.
  • is relatively more fuel efficient.
  • provides exceptional performance in cold weather.
  • is made with anti-friction formula.