Amsoil Signature Series Full Synthetic vs Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy

You need not worry about your car getting heated up or its parts wearing out too soon when you have in the industry companies that are constantly working to bring the products that go best for your car’s engine.

You do love your car, don’t you?

Your car will love you back if you make an effort to go through the next few lines that might help you make the decision that is the best for it.

Let us get into the detail of scrutinizing the two engine oils namely, Amsoil Signature series full synthetic and Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy.

Comparing Oil Type:

The name of the Amsoil signature Series tells us itself what type it belongs to. Fully synthetic. This means that the oil has been completely prepared in the laboratory. Therefore, it excludes the risk of any natural impurities being present in the oil. This type of oil has the interesting characteristic of being able to work under a broad spectrum of weather conditions, giving the engine a smooth condition to run in. The drawback, however, lies in its high price. But with less need to change the oil repetitively, the overall cost doesn’t end up being a lot.

On the other hand, the claim by Mobil advanced fuel economy about it being fully synthetic too does not leave much of a place for us to compare both the oils. However, the good news is both the oils are fully synthetic.

To get an overview of the contrast between the two, we might have to go through more points.

Comparison of Additives:

To make the performance of the oils better, certain elements are added. And therefore, the running engine is taken care of. The additives added in the Amsoil Signature Series to make the performance of the oils better are:

  • Antioxidants
  • Anti-wear
  • Detergents
  • Foam Inhibitors
  • Pour point depressants
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitors
  • Shear stable viscosity modifiers

Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy also consists of similar additives but in varying amounts and quality. Let us further discuss what effect the composition of both the oils has on their performance.

Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy Amsoil Signature Series Full Synthetic vs Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy

Comparing Engine Performance

Catalytic Converter Performance

While the oil in the engine works to lubricate its running parts, there is a high possibility the molecules of oil might break down after turning into vapors and being released into the emission system, giving off harmful substances like phosphorous. That is the last thing your Engine’s Catalytic Converter needs.

The additives added in Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy prevent the breakdown of the molecules of the oil, preventing damage to the Catalytic Converter. Hence the performance of the catalytic converter remains unaffected for long periods. So even if the engine misfires, the overheating may be prevented by the oil itself by preventing the breakdown of the oil molecules during the incomplete combustion.

However, Amsoil has been shown to have done a better job in resisting the volatility to up to 38 percent in comparison to the other oils.

Reduction of Sludge built

Sludge is the bad boy here. That is where the additives in the oils are specifically helpful.

The antioxidants prevent the oxidation of the oil molecules. And certain other additives added in the oils prevent the rapid breakdown of the oil molecules.

All of these additives prevent the sludge from forming.

Now there are two ways of dealing with the sludge built up. Either don’t let too much sludge from or clean the engine once it is deposited ASAP.

Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy has active cleaning agents including the detergents and the dispersers that clean the sludge formed as a result of oxidation and breakdown of the oil molecules.

Amsoil is also known to possess similar additives that prevent the sludge from building up in the engine. And has shown 28 percent more acid neutralizing power than the other oils.

Oil burn off protection

Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy promises a prolonged engine life and quick cold weather starts. This is directly related to the prevention of oil burn off. Under the effect of the heated engines, there is a higher chance of the oil droplets evaporating and causing the life of the oil in the engine to decrease.

Moreover, the engine deposits are decreased as a result of which the performance loss of the engine is prevented.

Minimizing Engine wear

Amsoil claims to provide 47 percent more wear protection than standard industry-based engine oil. Amsoil forms a strong fluid film on the metal surface that prevents the damage caused by the friction between the metal surfaces.

Mobil 1 utilizes its precisely balanced additive components and the large oil molecules to keep the metal surfaces away from one another, preventing the engine’s wearing.

Engine Seals Protection

To protect the engine seals, we need cleaner engine seals. The accumulating sludge and dirt in the engines are one of the main factors that may cause damage to the parts of the engine including the engine seals. Amsoil Signature Oils have more actively working detergents to prevent the end products of the vapourization and the breakdown of the oil molecules from accumulating on the engine seals.

This gives Amsoil Oils a longer working life in the engines.

Improved fuel economy

Two factors decide your fuel consumption: the quality of the fuel being used and the health of the engine.

The health of the engine is also dependent upon the kind of oil being used.

Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy, as its name suggests, has shown up to 2 percent of improved fuel economy and this has saved the drivers of 400 dollars worth of Gasoline.

The Amsoil Signature Series has shown 38 percent of less fuel consumption in comparison to the conventional oils.

However, when comparing Amsoil with Mobil 1, the latter has shown better results when fuel economy is taken into consideration.

Amsoil Signature Series multi-grade Viscosities

Viscosity Comparison:

Mobil 1 Advanced offers the formulations with the viscosities: 0W-16, 0W-20, 0W-30.

Considering how thin the Mobil 1 oils are, we can say without any doubt that when the engine is started, the viscosity of the oil is 0. However, as the engine works and gets heated up, its viscosity may peak up to 16, 20, or 30.

‘W’ in the specification is an indication of winters.

Amsoil Signature Series provides you with a range of formulations with the SAE multi grade viscosities: 0W- 20, 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 5W- 50.

The series offers the oils with the viscosities 0 or 5 when the engine starts that may peak up to 20, 30, 40, and 50.

Viscosities, although similar, do indicate that Mobil 1 oils are better for extremely cold weather.

Cost Comparison:

Here is a rule. All good things need more money to be spent on them. With the Amsoil Signature series proving to have better MPG values, total base number, and fire point, it demands a higher price.

Mobil 1 Advanced fuel economy, as its name suggests, may save you dollars, while you are looking for fully synthetic oil for your engine.

However, another factor that decides how much you might have to spend on the engine oils is the frequency with which the Engine oils need to be changed.

Oil change frequency:

Amsoil Signature Series has shown to give its best results till 25000 kilometers. And Mobil 1 shows its best results till 20000 kilometers of a running vehicle. After this, you will need an oil change.

Here it is noteworthy that while Amsoil assures its best for its first 25000 kilometers (that is equivalent to almost a year of running the vehicle), the frequency of the oil change when using Mobil 1 may greatly vary.

This, yet again, shows us that Amsoil Signature Series has proved itself in another aspect.


With both the oils being fully synthetic, there is not much of a difference left between the two. However, when dug into the detail we see ways in which Amsoil is best and the reasons why you might want to choose Mobil 1 for your vehicle’s engine.

Because Amsoil Signature series oils can maintain their structures in higher temperatures, they are a perfect choice for heavy vehicles like trucks and buses. But as mentioned above, for extremely cold weathers Mobil 1 might certainly be a better option.

When at places, the Amsoil series takes the edge, Mobil 1 wins the show with its improved fuel economy, if that is one of your concerns.

Whatever oil you choose your vehicle’s engine, one thing is for sure. Engines love the fully synthetic oils and that is one of the most important things you would want to give it!