Castrol Magnatec vs Shell Helix Ultra

Both fully synthetic oils have proven to be great. But how do they compare with each other? Is Shell being expensive here justify its cost?

Shell Helix Ultra is providing you with its incredible features of unsurpassed piston corrosion protection, sludge protection, and engine cleaning, along with low-grade viscosities.

Besides, Shell Helix shows compatibility with high performances car engines. i.e., BMW.

Castrol Magnatec tightly holds your engine at startup and beyond by forming an extra layer of protection. Enhance your engine efficiency, promotes wear protection by avoiding metal to metal contact.

Other than this it highly resist sludge and deposits. That’s why it has been highly appreciated among car holders.

In the case of Shell Helix, the manufacturers have introduced such viscosity grades that even show compatibility with critical engines. PurePlus Technology has been involved in its manufacturing which highly adds value to enhance overall engine performances.

The specs include compatibilities (viscosities, clean powers, and friction levels), playing a vital role in making this oil a prioritized choice.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecsShell Helix UltraCastrol Magnatec
Oil TypeFull syntheticConventional/Full synthetic
Engine TypeGasoline and DieselGasoline and Diesel
Available viscosity gradesSAE 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-60.SAE 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40.
Oil change frequency10000-1200010000
AdditivesDiesters and Poly EstersMolybdenum, Zinc, and Phosphorus
ACEAA3/B3, A3/B4A1/B1, A3/B3, A3/B4, A5/B5, C2/C3

Starting with their Viscosity:

When it comes to the viscosities, the Castrol Magnatec provides you with SAE 5W-30, 5W-40, 10W-40.

Castrol Magnatec viscosity Grades

The manufacturers and other mechanical experts have said that the viscosity of a motor oil decides how much beneficial it is for enhancing engine efficiency.

The Shell Helix Ultra has viscosities of SAE 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 10W-60.

Shell helix ultra viscosity grades

These viscosities may show variations in numbers as the temperature increases or decreases.

Which category do these oils belong to?

Castrol Magnatec has introduced unique and robust additives.

These additives contain protective properties, which protect your engine from acids and contaminants developed during engine running.

Besides, they are also observed to tackle even with high temperatures.

On the other hand, Shell Helix performs significant roles in extreme conditions, stabling the temperature levels.

The ingredients used promotes engine power and efficiency, as well as fuel economy.

Moreover, the lubrication power of this engine avoids friction and takes care of engine health.

Let’s talk about their additives:

The Castrol Magnatec has introduced Molybdenum, Zinc, and Phosphorus as additives.

They are often called friction modifiers and play an essential role in increasing overall engine performance.

Besides, they also have some enhancing properties, along with protection.

Shell Helix has come up with polyester and di-ester additives that enhance engine performance.

It has been observed that these additives have compatibility with fully synthetic motor oil.

Besides, these are approved to control engine friction and wear off.

Engine Performance Comparison:

How Catalytic Converter performed with both of them?

Catalytic converter plays excellent roles in changing harmful compounds and contaminants into safer gases needed for better engine performance.

When unburned fuels have added to it, they may cause sparking, which results in catalytic converter failure.

After the limit of oil change frequency is crossed, the oil additives start turning into vapors that are harmful to the engine.

Castrol Magnatec contains a similar additive, Phosphorus, which is toxic to catalytic converters. That’s because you have to perform instant oil change while using Castrol Magnatec.

Shell Helix has introduced such additives, which ensure NO catalytic converter failure.

That’s because they improve better exhaust emission, and reduces frictions, and avoids unburned fuel entrance.

These all factors support catalytic converters to even operate in harder situations.

How they Reduce Sludge build?

Sludge build may be due to the unburned fuel accumulation in the engine. Besides, poor ventilation or low engine operating temperatures also may be the reason behind this.

Castrol Magnatec has been found with crucial roles in removing sludge and deposits, causing droopy engine performance.

All of this is possible because of the great selection of additives that even perform in high temperatures.

These additives do not oxidize themselves up to a massive degree of temperature.

Shell Helix Ultra has introduced detergents that do not allow dirty particles to stick and form sludge.

These particles have sticking nature, and that’s what detergents avoid.

Plus, these detergents also have roles in removing sludge or deposits from elsewhere into the engine.

What kind of Oil Burn-off protection do they provide?

Oil burn may result from decreased engine cleaning and worn-out parts playing a role in maintaining the engine’s efficiency.

Castrol Magnatec oil manufacturers have technology that prevent the heavy molecules/compounds evaporate even in extreme temperature conditions.

Due to this, less oil is lost, and the remaining take cares of the engine for a long time.

That’s how it avoids huge oil burn off.

Here, the viscosities of Shell Helix have role oil burn-off protection and are also suitable for high performances engines and their protection.

Along with these low-grade viscosities, Shell Helix Ultra also introduced compatible additives that avoid oil burn off. That’s how Shell Helix maintains engine efficiency.

Minimizing Engine Wear-Off

Castrol Magnatec has included “magnetic” or sticky molecules, which ensures the cling to the various sensitive parts of the engine. That’s how the tragic reduction in engine wear-off has done.

Protective additives of Shell Helix Ultra avoid the metal-to-metal contact. These create a protective layer on the surface of sensitive parts of the engine and avoid friction even in extreme temperatures.

They also offer Engine Seals Protection:

If we talk about the reasons behind the engine seal’s leakage, they may be including rotten seals connections and degraded engine gaskets.

The Castrol Magnatec has more detergents in it which ensure the prevention of depositing from engine seals. Also, they remove sludges from the other sensitive parts of the engine, so NO seals leakage has been confirmed.

Shell Helix Ultra away new engine from the problems that cause its seals to leak later. These may include accumulation of sludge and deposits and low fractioning. Also, engine wear off avoided, which may be the core reason behind engine seals leakage.

Do they Improve Fuel Economy?

Castrol Magnatec has come up with detergents, anti-oxidants, and other additives that ensure the running engine’s calm environment in fluctuating temperatures. So, no high-level warm-up will be caused, and that’s what promotes fuel economy massively.

Shell Helix Ultra engine oil shows compatibility with high performances engines because it operates temperature conditions even in extreme conditions.

When the temperature is maintained, the friction, extra warm-up of the engine, and overall performance will be fine. That’s what factors improve fuel economy.

How often do you have to change them?

The Castrol Magnatec is providing you with an oil change frequency of 10000 km. Under this, your engine does not drop its efficiency.

The Shell Helix offers you the oil change frequency of 10000 to 12000 km. After this, you surely have to perform an oil change for better engine performance.