Valvoline vs Pennzoil Synthetic Oil

Both oils here are fully synthetic used for both gasoline and diesel engines. Valvoline Advanced focuses more on performance, while the Pennzoil Platinum is more oriented towards the overall cleaning … Read More

Valvoline VR1 vs Amsoil Z ROD

Valvoline VR1 and Amsoil Z ROD are both fully synthetic motor oils designed to be used in high-performance gasoline engines, where Z ROD is also suitable for older or modified … Read More

Valvoline vs Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil

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Valvoline MaxLife ATF vs Valvoline Dexron VI

Both are synthetic and high-performing transmission fluids manufactured by Valvoline to prevent transmission breakdown in engines. Both include friction modifiers to reduce sliding. MaxLife is formulated with fully synthetic base … Read More

Valvoline SynPower Vs Pennzoil Platinum

These are “Fully Synthetic” motor oils with Platinum having support for both diesel and gasoline engines while SynPower is only compatible with gasoline-type engines. SynPower combats the principal sources of … Read More

Kendall GT-1 Max vs Valvoline VR1

These engine oils are totally synthetic, utilized in only gasoline engines. The main focus of Kendall GT-1 Max is on fuel economy while Valvoline VR1 generally emphasizes on engine rinsing … Read More

Shell Rotella T4 vs Valvoline VR1

Shell Rotella T4 is a synthetic blend oil utilized in both gasoline and diesel engines. Valvoline VR1 is a fully synthetic oil used in gasoline engines only. T4 focuses on … Read More