Total Quartz 9000 VS Castrol Magnatec

Quartz 9000 Future and Castrol Magnatec are both made for gasoline engines only, where Future is a full synthetic oil while Magnatec is a semi-synthetic oil.

The Total Quartz focuses on fuel economy by providing a better fuel consumption enabled by its higher flash point temperature. It has age-resistant technology to prevent wear and tear inside the engine.

This technology reduces the internal friction inside the engine which in turn improves the power output.

This oil also has a decent sludge reduction ability due to the presence of an adequate number of detergents.

Magnatec is specially formulated to counter wear inside the engine. It has a special titanium anti-wear additive that sticks with the metal parts and provides lubrication at the starting of the engine when there is no oil available.

Hence it got its name Magnatec as the oil particles attach with the engine parts like a magnet. It is very good at keeping the engine clean and provides longer oil change intervals due to its higher TBN.

Let’s put things in a simple manner before getting into a detailed comparison.

Side By Side Comparison:

Total Quartz 9000

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Castrol Magnatec

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Things to know about Castrol Magnatec:

  • The oil is semi-synthetic.
  • It is a further catalytic-responsive oil.
  • The kinematic viscosities of this oil are higher at all temperatures.
  • It has a lesser pour point temperature, allowing better performance in freezing weather.Due to higher TBN, Magnatec allows longer oil drain intervals.Magnatec is more cost-valuable even with the higher price tag.
  • The higher quantity of calcium gives this oil an edge over its counterpart in sludge reduction.The anti-foam ability of Magnatec is higher.
  • The higher quantities of secondary anti-wear extracts make Magnatec better in relations of anti-wear protection.

Things to know about Total Quartz Future:

  • It is fully synthetic
  • The oil burn-off safety is higher in this oil due to its greater flash point temperature
  • The viscosity index of this oil is higher, having less effect of temperature changes on its kinematic viscosities.
DescriptionsTotal quartz 9000 Future (5W-30)Castrol Magnatec (5W-30)
Oil TypeFully Synthetic oilSemi-Synthetic oil
Engine CompatibilityGasolineGasoline
Viscosities5W-30, 0W-205W-40, 20W- 50, 10W-40, 5W-30,
Oil change Intervals (Km)900010,000
AdditivesDispersants, Anti-wear agents, Detergents, Anti-foam agentViscosity modifiers, Anti-wear, Anti-foam agent, Detergents
ACEAUnavailableA3/B3 and A3/B4

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Comparison of Oil’s Volatility

The oil burn-off rate is directly proportional to its volatility and the volatility depends upon the presence of the total of light molecules in the oil.

This indicates that the motor oil with a greater quantity of light molecules will have a higher volatility rate and will burn off quickly under heated conditions.

Such oil will have a reduce flash point temperature and will provide a lower oil burn-off protection.

Flashpoint temperature of Total Quartz is higher, showing it has a smaller sum of light molecules and a lower volatility rate. Hence, this oil provides great protection against oil burn-off.

While Magnatec with a low down flash point temperature is more volatile than its counterpart due to the presence of a higher total of light molecules.

Therefore, this oil will quickly burn off and will increase oil consumption.

Oils (5W-30)Flash Point Temperatures (°C)
Total Quartz 9000 Future238
Castrol Magnatec202

Comparison of Wear Reduction inside Engine

The anti-wear additives are added in the bounds of the oil to form a film over the turning engine parts so that they don’t slide with each other.

Since metal contact with each other is accountable for the wear-triggering friction, this oil film will reduce the friction and improve the wear protection of that oil.

Total Quartz has greater amounts of essential anti-wear additives phosphorus and Zinc, while the only one secondary anti-wear additive molybdenum, its quantity is very low.

If we consider the combined quantities of both the primary and secondary anti-wear additives, they are lower than that of its peer. That’s why it will perform significantly lower in conditions of wear protection.

Conversely, Magnatec has lower amounts of basic anti-wear additives phosphorus and zinc while its secondary anti-wear additives titanium and molybdenum are higher in quantities.

This oil beats its competitor when considering the combined quantities of both the primary and secondary anti-wear additives. Hence it will provide better anti-wear protection to the engine.

Kinematic Viscosities

Kinematic viscosity is capability of the oil to move momentum through its sheets and grains. An oil with a superior kinematic viscosity will accomplish well.

Viscosity index is the measure of the influence of temperature variation on the kinematic viscosity. The minor the impact of temperature change, the higher will be the kinematic viscosity.

Whereas the pour point temperature is the freezing temperature of the fluid.

An oil with a lower pour point temperature is considered better in the winter season.

Total Quartz has lower kinematic viscosities for both the intermediate and extreme temperatures. This indicates that this oil has lower lubrication properties. However, the impact of temperature shift on kinematic viscosity is lower, hence this oil’s viscosity index is better. Its pour point temperature is also higher than its counterpart, showing lower performance characteristics of this oil in freezing conditions.

Magnatec has higher kinematic viscosities at moderate and elevated temperatures, meaning it will perform better. But the of this oil viscosity index is lower owing to the higher influence of temperature variations on its kinematic viscosities.

The pour point temperature of this oil is much lower than its counterpart, allowing it to perform much better in cold conditions.

Oils (5W-30)Kinematic Viscosity 40o C (mm2/s)Kinematic Viscosity 100o C (mm2/s)Viscosity Index (VI)PourPoint Temperature (°C)
Total Quartz 9000 Future54.229.8168-30
Castrol Magnatec60.2510.1155-42

Effect on Catalytic Converter’s Efficiency

The ash containing majorly of phosphorus and zinc is formed because of the oil’s burning. This ash could poison the catalytic converter and reduce its performance. Hence, the oil with the higher phosphorus and zinc contents is more devastating for catalytic converter.

Total Quartz has higher numbers of phosphorus and zinc additives present in it, implying that it will form a higher amount of ash. This ash will negatively affect the execution of the catalytic converter on a large scale. Therefore, this oil is not appropriate to work with catalytic converters.

Magnatec has comparatively lower amounts of both phosphorus and zinc, implying that it will generate a smaller quantity of residue afterward burning. Therefore, this oil is more fitting to work with catalytic converters.

Comparison of Cleaning ability

Sludge is the result of reacted oil combining with the dirt, water, and other impurities in the engine to form a half-solid substance.

The sludge is highly unwanted inside the engine as it hinders the movement of oil and a higher quantity of it may completely block the oil’s path, causing the engine to blow due to high temperature.

This problem is countered by using detergents within the oil which lessen the slurry construct.

Total Quartz uses calcium as its main detergent whose quantity is a lot higher along with a little magnesium as its secondary detergent.

The overwhelming quantity of calcium makes this oil greatly reliable for fighting against sludge production and its build-up. This oil also contains some amount of silicon as an anti-foam agent.

Magnatec, on the other hand, uses the combination of both calcium and magnesium as its main detergents. Its calcium quantity is lower than that of other oil, while that of magnesium is higher.

It has some quantity of sodium as a secondary detergent to aid in sludge removal, yet it can’t compete with its competitor due to its remarkable calcium quantity.

This ranks it second in standings of sludge reduction; however, this oil has a relatively higher quantity of silicon to improve its anti-foam ability.

Oil Change Interval Comparison

The total base reserves of oil are measured in footings of Total Base Number (TBN). The oil needs these bases to counterbalance the acids produced throughout the combustion.

These reserves deplete as the oil is used; it decreases up to a point when the oil is unable to be used.

Hence the engine oil with a superior TBN can be employed for lengthier periods.

Total Quartz has a lower TBN, giving it a lower oil drain interval of 9000 Km while the higher TBN of Magnatec allows it to be used for longer oil change period of 10,000 Km.

Oils (5W-30)TBN (mg of KOH/g)
Total Quartz 9000 Future7.1
Castrol Magnatec8.6