Who Manufactures MotorCraft Oil Filters?

Motorcraft oil filters emerge as one of the most prominent ones among oil filters. They are praised around the globe for their satisfactory performance and additional benefits.

With such a reputation, the question that who makes these oil filters comes into mind.

Makers of these oil filters:

Everyone has heard of Ford Motor Company, Motorcraft is one of the auto-parts brands owned by this prestige company famous for its vehicles.

Motorcraft is part of Ford which was initially launched in the early 1950s.

So, when you think of products from Motorcraft think of them as one of the best products out there.

Though originally Motorcraft oil filters were manufactured specifically for Ford motors, however that being said they are also used by other vehicles.

Where are motorcraft oil filters made?

The production and manufacturing of Motorcraft oil filters and other products are done in the Purolator labs in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

They are made according to Ford’s specifications.

Benefits of Motorcraft Oil filters

Motorcraft Oil filters are made under the specifications provided by Ford Motor Company.

The company recommends these products as aftermarket replacements for their vehicles.

With that Motor Company giant ensuring its quality you can rest assured that the product’s quality will always be top-notch.

  • The oil filters are made with high-quality anti-rust materials that offer long-lasting consistent performance, under harsh conditions.
  • The design of these oil filters allows them to supply oil continuously in extreme temperatures. Because of silicon valves in these filters, the temperature resistance comes down to be very high (from -75-degree F to +350-degree F).
  • The frame of these filters comes in metal, which is easy to install and remove. Because of its specific design, it stays in its place, unlike other filters.
  • The brand also offers high-efficiency filtration with the help of exceptional filter media used in the design.

Drawbacks of Motorcraft Oil filters

When it comes to Motorcraft Oil filters a large variety of filters are available in the market.

However, as they are mainly designed for Ford you may come across some difficulty when you need to get the best fit that matches your vehicle’s requirements.

You may come across some compatibility issues along the way.

When designed under complex engineering and manufacturing facilities the products always come with the problem of self-fixing.

You may need specified tools to pry open these filters to fix them yourself which could sometimes get annoying.

Should I Use Motorcraft Oil Filter?

Motorcraft filters are the standard go-to choice for all Ford vehicles.

They are also being used by other engines due to their quality and performance.

Customers’ satisfaction is ensured with the number of benefits provided by these filters.

They are cheap, durable, and efficient, what else can you ask for from a good product?

If you are ever in need of an oil filter you can go for a Motorcraft oil filter without any worries.

You should have no reason to doubt a product from a well-renowned company.

Side Note: Take a look at the oil filters we think you should avoid.

How much do they Cost?

Compared to other filters available in the market.

The price tag on Motorcraft oil filters is shockingly cheap.

You can find them in the range of 5-10$ in most stores.

They also come in a large variety and selection so you can choose the best fit within your budget.

Final Thoughts

Most car devotees come up with such questions, especially those who come to like the products and unique features provided by these Filters.

Thus, we are here to tell you that Purolator Filter LLC labs is responsible for these remarkable innovations in field of oil filters.

The firm is a wing of Ford Motor Company.

The filters are designed for Ford motors and are designed under specifications provided by Ford.

The quality of the products produced by them is extremely high to ensure that their customers always get the best services from them.

The company employs top-tier materials for its products and is continuously supplying its filters across the world.