Who Makes ACDelco Oil Filters?

At present, ACDelco Oil Filters are commonly made and supplied by Champion Laboratories, aka FRAM. These filters are made in China but supplied to various parts of the world with the label “Made in America”.

GM purchases filter oils from various suppliers who have agreed to mention ACDelco’s name on their products.

Initially, ACDelco was also involved in the manufacturing of oil filters but now it has no contribution in their production.

Infact various companies most commonly Champion Laboratories make and sell oil filters with ACDelco’s name.

Inauguration of ACDelco Oil Filters

Two well-known individual firms, ACDelco and Champion Laboratories together introduced AC Delco Oil Filters to the market.

ACDelco by General Motors (GM).

ACDelco is an American Brand well-known for making automotive parts. It was founded in 1916 by William C. Durant, the owner of General Motors (GM).

Since its inauguration, it has been known by different names like United Delco, United Motors Service and United Motors Corporation.

In 1974, in a struggle to nurture its sales and marketing, General Motors unified the aftersales operation of AC Spark Plug with United Delco and named the brand AC-Delco.

In 1995, the AC-Delco was rebranded. The hyphen was dropped and ACDelco was provided with a new logo and marketing enterprise.

Champion Laboratories, aka FRAM

This company was introduced in 1907 by Albert Champion, who came to Europe from France in 1899 as a professional bike racer.

This firm was named “Champion Spark Plug Company” as it was specified for the manufacturing of spark plugs.

However, it was proved quite unsuccessful by that time and got exterminated within a few years.

In 1955, it was founded again as Kleen Pak manufacturing company. Its name was changed to Champion Laboratories in 1959.

After a few years, it got affiliated with ACDelco and contributed for making ACDelco Oil Filters.

Properties of ACDelco Oil Filters

Following are some important properties of ACDelco Oil Filters:

  • These oil filters are a great alternative for GM products approaching OEM standards.
  • They offer about 98% of single-pass filtering efficacy at 25–30 microns.
  • The cellulose paper of these filters can purify the pollutants as tiny as 1/3rd breadth of our hair.
  • These filters can provide 985 multi-pass filtering efficacies at 25–35 microns.
  • They can be used with GM as well as non-GM vehicles.
  • Their flow rate is as good as that of OEM’s.
  • Under maximum stress, these filters maintain their effectiveness.
  • Glass-filled nylon core is implanted into these filters to obtain sufficient stability.   
  • Their nylon core is about 6–12% smaller in size than other traditional filters but maintains the same filtration media area.
  • Their polymer-based composition enables parachute nylon to deliver tensile strength of about 12,000 psi.

Main Types of ACDelco Oil Filters  

Generally, there are the following two main types of these oil filters:

ACDelco Gold Oil Filters

ACDelco Gold Oil Filters serve as one of the best replacements for many automobiles.

The nylon core of these filters is specialized to filter particles as small as 30 microns.

For minimized induction torque they are provided with a lubricity gasket.

They feature a full cap baseplate for easy setup in random applications.

Their nylon core offers great resilience and steady flow and is 1.5 times sturdier than metal cores.

Their synthetic end caps are ultrasonically fused to inhibit media blockage by sealants used in ordinary filters.

Moreover, some of their Gold parts have previously emerged as ACDelco Professional.

ACDelco Silver Oil Filters

ACDelco Silver Oil Filters are provided with industrial strength composition for elevated performance and high durability.

They also have an uncertain vigorously sealed gasket and a heavy-duty baseplate provided with an entirely pleated dual seam.

To cope with weather fluctuations they feature an anti-drain control valve which prevents the backflow of oil.

They also have sealed end caps that are provided with media submerged plastisol adhesive.

A relief valve steel coil spring is present in them which solidifies components in place.

Their end caps offer by-pass faucets to fulfil OE necessities.

Furthermore, they are even pleated for an attractive finish.

Positives/Negatives of ACDelco Oil Filters:


  • These filters are provided with a longevity of about 700 miles which is much more than other filters.
  • They are much more economical than their quality competitors.
  • They are composed of exclusive industrial strength materials to fulfil OEM criteria.


  • These filters are not widely available as compared to other brands.
  • They may not fit all vehicles as they are specifically designed for GM automobiles.