Who Makes Honda Oil Filters?

There are many kinds of filter oils available on the market. And it’s important to choose the best one for your vehicle, as long-term use of motor oil without any filters can cause saturation with various sorts of dirt that can lead to serious engine problems.

Honda is a well-known automaker with a reputation for high quality, and you can frequently find oil filters on these vehicles to be rather efficient.

It is known that the Honda oil filters work well in ensuring that all dirt particles in the motor oil are removed before it reaches the car’s engine.

As a result, the car operates at its best, and the engine lasts longer.

However, a common question asked is who manufactures the Honda oil filters.

Honda Oil Filters: Who Makes Them?

Presently, there are two distinctive producers of Honda oil filters in the market.

  • One of them is Filtertech, the Tokyo Roki company’s affiliate that produces goods for the automobile industry.
  • And the other one is Fram.

According to reports, the OEM Honda oil filters are made by Fram, an American business that specializes in selling various vehicle parts around the world, including fuel filters, air filters, and oil filters.

Fram was previously a part of Honeywell that made the Honda filters.

However, it is now said to have joined Trico Group in 2019, having left Honeywell in 2011.

Manufacturer Information

We now know that these two businesses are making the Honda oil filters.

  • FRAM
  • Filtech (TOYO ROKI)

The TOYO ROKI filters are sold under the trade name Filtech filters.

Filtech has been a TOYO ROKI subsidiary in America since 1989.

They had previously produced a large range of oil filters.

It is focused on offering customers a full range of filtration tools and replacement filters.

Fram, on the other hand, was initially a part of Honeywell Corporation, but in 2019, it was purchased by the Trico Group.

Its headquarters are in Cleveland, Ohio, the US. Oil filters, air filters, fuel filters, and other goods are available under the FRAM brand of vehicle replacement parts.

FRAM has been manufacturing original equipment since 1936 for the automobile industry.

Where Are These Filter Made?

Although both companies are known to manufacture Honda oil filters, the exact location of their manufacturing facilities is not clear.

However, these businesses do have the facility for overseas production.

China and Japan each host a plant for TOYO ROKI.

Both businesses have facilities in the USA.

The filters are frequently produced in the USA and distributed to several countries.

Filtertech Vs Fram Oil Filters

The reviews for both vary.

The FilterTech filters have mostly received positive feedback on a lot of discussion boards.

The others, however, are standard.

In comparison to the Fram filter, which has a thin casing and is held in place by coated paper and caps, Filtech filters are superior since they are secured by metal and caps.

However, both of these filters will effectively and efficiently filter the oil.

What Are Some Top Honda Oil Filters?


You can use the Pennzoil oil filter for your Honda Civic.

These are platinum-based products that almost completely filter out contaminants.

When the oil is changed, it should be replaced as they were made to survive harsh circumstances.


It’s the most genuine choice for your Honda Civic.

It replicates OEM design and gets rid of even the tiniest contaminants to give the engine maximum performance.

However, they should be updated along with the motor oil change because they are paper filters.


These oil filters are equipped with a silicone anti-drain valve to assist the engine during starts.

The silicone gasket is unaffected by severe weather.

They can remove impurities as small as 25 microns and have a multi-pass efficiency.

The powder coating guarantees longevity and offers the best engine protection.


Wix oil filters can also work well for your Honda Civic.

They are built from synthetic materials to be used in harsh circumstances such as long highway driving, towing, lengthy periods of inactivity, or low-gear mountain driving.

The material, which is commonly paper, needs to be replaced after 3,000–10,000 miles because it can no longer effectively filter out all oil impurities.

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The Honda Civic is also compatible with these Fram ultra-synthetic oil filters.

These filters are constructed of resin, run on synthetic oil, and have a dual-layered synthetic media that traps debris to extend engine life.

It effectively removes grime and is tested to offer protection for up to 20,000 miles.

Its installation and removal are made simple by the Sure Grip texture.

Where Can I Purchase Honda Oil Filters?

All Honda-authorized dealers and seller shops carry oil filters for the vehicles.

They can also be purchased online from the manufacturer’s official website.

You can also easily find them on other well-known e-commerce sites, including Amazon, eBay, or Walmart.

These filters are reasonably priced. So, purchasing them is quite simple.


Oil filters are essential for the vehicle, as they filter out all the debris that could pose a serious threat to the engine’s internal components.

The original oil filter for Honda vehicles appears to be fairly effective.

Through this article, we have learned that Fram, one of the top OEM suppliers and Filtertech, appears to be the source of Honda oil filters given that the company offers effective filtering goods all over the world.