Who Makes Super Tech Oil?

Super Tech oil is one of the most widely used engine oil available in the market. These oils are fully synthetic and are used for gasoline type of engines only.

This oil is formulated as a result of combining premium base oils with up-to-date additives providing a well-protected engine performance.

The highlighting feature of this engine lubricant is its superb resistance against thermal breakdown during normal temperatures.

Adequate amounts of anti-wearing additives are included in it to ensure a prolonged engine life plus nominal concentrations of detergents further help to clean the engine decently from any kind of deposits.

SpecificationsSuper Tech oil
Oil TypeFully Synthetic
Engine TypeGasoline
Available viscosity grades0W-20, 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40 10W-40, 15W-40
Cost (5 Quarts.)15 to 20 US Dollars
Distance of replacement (miles)7,000

Manufacturer of the Super Tech oil

Mostly it is believed that this oil is manufactured only by Warren Oil Company.

However, two other companies are also involved in its manufacturing so a total of three companies are responsible for the making of Super Tech Oil which are:

  • Warren
  • ExxonMobil
  • Pennzoil

How to Identify Super Tech Oil’s Manufacturer?

Since there are three manufacturers of this oil it is extremely important to identify the desired oil manufacturer.

The following points could be useful to differentiate and identify the required manufacturer oil.


This company is the major producer of Super Tech oil.

The method to identify whether the oil is Warren-made or not is to find a white rectangle on either the front or rear side label.

The rectangle could have either a number written inside it or a QR code or it might be left blank and there is only a rectangular symbol.


In the case of ExxonMobil, the oil is normally identified by looking at the bottle’s cap.

The bottle cap of the oil manufactured by this company is generally larger than other Super Tech bottle caps and is generally the same as the one found on Mobil 1 bottles.


The oil manufactured by this company is identified by the stamp of the packaging company.

It has a stamp of a small letter C as it is packaged by the company Constar with a star inside it, located on the bottom side of the container.

Constar packaging is also used by Warren so these two are differentiated by the presence of a white rectangle that is not present in Pennzoil.

Super Tech Oil’s Performance

The overall performance of the oil is more than satisfying. This oil fulfills all APIs and ILSAC standards and is Dexos 1 licensed meaning that it satisfies all government safety regulations.

At a comparatively lower price, this oil provides pretty satisfying working as provided by the top brand oils.

The oil provides a mileage of about 7000 miles which is quite impressive considering its cheaper price.

Besides mileage, the oil provides fairly good engine rinsing as well as good wear resistance that helps in protecting the engine from wear and tear.  

Super tech vs Competitors:

Mobil 1 oil is generally compared with this oil. As the former one is an official motor lubricant of Nascar, it costs almost double and is considered more trustworthy by the majority of users.

However, both of them share some similarities like both oils are fully synthetic, both can be used for gasoline engines only and both are Dexos 1 licensed.

But the higher price of Mobile 1 makes people believe that it is superior to its peer.

Pros of Using Super tech Oil

Following are some major pros of using this oil:

  • It is cheaper compared to other engine lubricants.
  • It meets APIs and ILSAC standards.
  • It is Dexos 1 licensed fulfilling all environmental standards.
  • It is entirely sufficient to be used for average cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Cons of Using Super tech Oil

Following are the primary cons that should be kept in mind while buying this oil:

  • It falls behind in terms of quality when compared to other top-notch brands like Mobile 1 and Castrol.
  • This oil is needed to be replaced quickly compared to other high-quality brand oils.
  • It is not effective for high-performance vehicles.

Reason for the low cost of this oil:

The popularity of this oil is generally characterized by its affordable price.

A 5 Quarts container of this oil is available in a price range between 15 to 20 US Dollars.

The reason for this cheaper price is that the companies like Walmart and Amazon buy this oil in high volumes so the manufacturer provides a greater discount.

For this reason, these stores sell this oil at a lower price without investing in any kind of marketing as the cheap price is enough for the complete sell-out of the product.   

Summing Up:

  • Super Tech Oil is a fully synthetic engine lubricant that can only be used for gasoline engines.
  • This oil provides decent cleaning of the engine as well as provides good protection against engine deterioration.
  • Warren company is mainly responsible for the production of this oil along with other two companies that are ExxonMobil and Pennzoil.
  • The oil’s performance is quite satisfactory as it fulfills all API and ILSAC standards.
  • This oil is Dexos 1 licensed indicating that it has no harmful impacts on the environment.
  • Its affordable price makes it one of the most popular engine oils for low-budget consumers.