Who makes Super Tech Oil Filters?

These famous motor oils and oil filters are available at retail shops and the online portal of Walmart, but the retailer does not produce these products itself.

Instead, these engine oils and automotive parts are procured from independent oil and automotive equipment producers.

Hence, Super Tech oil filters are made by Champion Laboratories, USA.

Walmart Super Tech:

Super Tech oil and oil filter products are sold by Walmart’s stores.

These products are popular among drivers and mechanics due to their reliable efficiency and lower pricing.

However, to maintain this lowered price, Walmart signs the production contract with different manufacturers.

That is why oil sold in different parts of the country is not necessarily from the same manufacturer as the seller would go for the lowest bidder who can ensure a satisfactory quality.

Manufacturer of Super Tech Oil Filters

Super Tech oil filters are produced by Champion Labs (USA) in collaboration with Wix and Walmart.

This company was started in 1936 and now offers automotive filters for small and large engines throughout the globe.

It manufacturers both commercial and original equipment filters and also supplies different kinds of filters to many private partners like Walmart, Wix, and others.

Moreover, this company owns filter brands named Champ filters, Luber Finer, and PetroClear (a fuel dispenser filter brand).

As these filters are sourced from an external partner in bulk, they are offered in an easily affordable price range.

These filters usually cost from $3.00 to $5.00 and provide mileage as good as 30,000 miles.

However, it is necessary that you keep changing the oil every 5000 to 6500 miles.

Manufacturer of Super Tech engine oils

Like oil filters, Super Tech motor oil products are also sourced from independent producers.

Walmart gives contracts to different oil companies for the production of this engine oil.

These manufacturers then supply packaged products to Walmart warehouses.

This product line includes a full range of synthetic motor oils within a menial price range.

These synthetic blends and fully synthetic oils are available from $17 to $21 for a 5 Quarts bottle. Smaller and larger packing is also available. You can even get engine oil for a price as low as $4.48- $5.89 per quart.

Warren Oil Company is the major producer among its manufacturers.

This company produces a variety of lubricants, greases, and other automotive additives. Its subsidiary brands are Warren, Lubriguard, LubriGold, Autoguard, Saxon, and Itasca, Coastal. Exxon Mobil is another big name we hear among its manufacturers. It is an American oil and gas company based in Texas.

This multilevel oil manufacturer produces high-quality motor oil Mobil 1 and also supplies oil products to private partners as well.

Besides these, Pennzoil and SOPUS are the companies that collaborate with Walmart for Super Tech oil production.

Are Super Tech filters the same as Mobil1 filters?

These two oil filters are quite similar in design, dimensions, and outlook, but Mobil 1 is priced quite higher as compared to Super Tech filters.

And the reason for this higher pricing lies in their efficiency in cleaning oil and removing impurities.

It performs better than its competitor as its filter media is more efficient in filtering out contaminants and rusting components.

However, Super Tech filters also provide satisfactory performance in screening out dirt and pollutant particles and lags just a little behind its expensive contestant.

Side Note: Super Tech is in our list of oil filters to avoid.

Best Super Tech filters:

There are many efficient oil filters in its product line.

Some of these are listed below;


This filter provides optimized performance and keeps your engine safe from impurity damages as its filtration flaps clear the engine oil from contaminants and oxidants.

This filter media has a high screening capacity as it is made from natural and synthetic fibers.

Due to this optimized internal framework, it qualifies for many OE requirements as well.

It usually comes from $3.42 to $4.15.


This filter is especially constructed for Daihatsu, Lexus, and Toyota vehicle engines.

It is a Spin-on oil filter that allows a high mileage of up to 10,000 miles.

Its filtration media specifies 99% filtering efficiency and dirt-holding capacity, making it a good replacement option for original equipment replacement.

Due to characteristic fiber blending and weaving, this filter also works well if you are using synthetic motor oil in your vehicle.

As these offer relatively more advanced features than other members of the Super Tech filter range, hence, their price range starts a bit higher from $4.50.


This product specified for Suzuki, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Pontiac cars and trucks is an excellent spin-on filter. Its filtration system is made from interwoven synthetic and natural media.

Thus, it shows a high dirt holding capacity. Due to its enhanced composition and high-strength center tube, it captures most pollutants and improves the oil flow.

The best thing is its price range that starts at $3.42.


  • Walmart outsources the production of Super Tech oil products.
  • Super Tech oil filters are usually manufactured by Champion Laboratories.
  • Super Tech synthetic and blended motor oils are produced by Warren oil company, Exxon-Mobil, Pennzoil, and SOPUS.
  • These oils and oil filters are efficient and are priced lower than other competitors.