Who Makes Amazon Oil?

Amazon oils are made by Warren Distribution Incorporated. It usually makes AmazonBasics Engine Oils, which commonly serve as a synthetic automotive lubricant.

Warren Distribution emerged as an oil manufacturing company in 1922 and at present, deals in the production and packaging of lubricants, automotive chemicals, and greases as well.

Side Note: They also make the Wallmart Oil and Super Tech Oil.

About the Manufacturer – Warren Distribution Incorporated:

Warren Distribution is a family-owned firm that came into existence in 1922. It was founded by James Schlott and at present his grandson Bob Schlott is its CEO and Chairperson.

It is situated in North America and its products are shipped to more than 45 countries.

Today, it is counted as one of the greatest private label automotive chemical and lubricant manufacturing companies. Its creations involve engine oils for passenger cars, industrial oils, heavy-duty engine oils and greases.

At present, its production volume is up to 140 million gallons per year from more than 2 million square feet of production and distribution services in Texas, Lowa, Alabama, and West Virginia.

The internationally well-known marketplace, Amazon has contracted with Warren Distribution to formulate and supply engine oils by its name i-e Amazon Oils.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Oils?

As Amazon declared to launch its own inclusive brand of engine oil, questions were raised on its authenticity and reliability.

When consumers came to know that highly dignified Warren Distribution is its manufacturer, no trust issues further existed.

These oils can excellently serve to keep your car’s engine in its best condition. These oils are equipped with the following features:

  • These oils can be stored in petrol pumps to serve customers if they incidentally run out of oil.
  • They are much more economical than many other synthetic oils.
  • They are provided with mineral-based lubricant for enhanced and elevated temperature viscosity performance.
  • These are synthetic engine oils with more sophisticated base oils.
  • They are reluctant to heat malfunctioning and oxidation.
  •  They are manufactured by keeping in mind the extensive drain intervals.
  • They efficiently prevent corrosion and rusting of engine parts.
  • They offer impressive lubrication and minimize the wear and tear of engine parts.
  • They are capable of reducing engine deposits, hence protecting your engine from pollutants.
  • They are formulated to prevent slow-speed pre-ignition.
  • These oils maintain their efficacy in cold weather.
  •  These oils are compatible with all gasoline engines.
  • They resist the burn-off disposition and exhaust emissions.
  • These oils last for up to 8000 miles.
  • These oils are certified by the American Petroleum Institute.
  • They fulfil the criterion of ILSAC GF-5 of GF-4 and API SN, SN PLUS, SM or SL.

Disadvantages Of Amazon Oils:

Where the dependency and efficiency of Amazon Oils are up to the mark some of their cons are also worth mentioning.

However, these drawbacks have nothing to do with their performance output yet some users may find them disturbing.

These drawbacks are the following:

  • These oils are considered to be fully synthetic but in reality, they are a synthetic blend of oils. In America, some hyper-processed engine oils are sold as fully synthetic oils. They can have the same proportion of elements as present in other synthetic oils and can be listed as fully synthetic.
  • The packaging of these oils fails to indicate how much oil is left in the bottle as these bottles are opaque without any transparent strip.
  • These oils offer very little mileage with some models of cars and are not compatible with turbo engines.

Types of Amazon Oils

Amazon oils are available in the following three types:

  • AmazonBasics High Mileage Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-20.
  • AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oils – Euro Formula 5W-40.
  • AmazonBasics Full Synthetic Motor Oil, Euro Formula for Turbo-Charged Vehicles, API SN, A3/B4, 0W-40.

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What is the Best Amazon Oil?

Among the types of Amazon Oil, AmazonBasics Full Synthetic 5W-30 stands superior of all.

It is completely synthetic and flexible to be used in most cars.

It serves as a highly efficient lubricant which is comparable to internationally accepted brands such as Red Line and Castrol.

Many mechanics declared that AmazonBasics 5W-30 is one of the best options in the market if you want to maintain your engine’s efficacy.

This oil is much better than high-quality engine lubricants and is authorized by Dexos 1 and Gen 2.

What is the production volume of Warren Distribution per year?

Warren Distribution produces 140 million gallons of lubricant per year from more than 2 million square feet of production and distribution in Texas, Lowa, Alabama, and West Virginia.

Which type of Amazon Oils is widely accepted worldwide?

AmazonBasics Full Synthetic 5W-30 serve as one of the most reliable and widely accepted Amazon Oils worldwide.

They are completely synthetic oils certified by Dexos 1 and Gen 2.

Are there any shortcomings of Amazon Oils?

Besides the excellency and validity of Amazon Oils, there are some shortcomings as well.

However, these drawbacks have nothing to do with their performance.

Amazon oils are not fully synthetic but a high-quality synthetic blend of oils.

Improvements can be made in their packaging by introducing a transparent strip onto the bottles which allows you to keep check how much oil is left in the container.

Moreover, these oils are not compatible with some car engines and do not support turbo engines.

How long does Amazon Oils last?

Amazon Oils are capable of maintaining their validity for up to 8000 miles.