MOTUL 8100 X-Clean FE vs AMSOIL European Motor Oil

MOTUL 8100 X-Clean FE is a superior motor oil that is completely synthetic, having mid SAPS and is extraordinarily formulated to target the most advanced range of petroleum and diesel motors specifications.

It is quite appropriate for a diesel or petroleum engine requiring an ACEA C3 grease incorporated with latest fumes/exhaust gas after treatment mechanism, and especially suitable for the most recent models of BMW, Mercedes, Porsche and VAG vehicles and is likewise compatible with Catalytic Converters and Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

On the other side, AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil meets a wide range of requirements and is embellished with different manufacturers’ endorsements.

AMSOIL European Motor Oil includes an expansive scope of viscosities and various degrees of exhaust system assurance to keep delicate emission systems working productively and efficiently.

Starting with their Viscosity:

The 2 variants of AMSOIL European Engine Oil are formulated in viscosities of 5W-30 and 5W-40 composed with mid SAPs and friction modifiers to lessen the wear for better energy output.

It limits inner motor drag and helps in increasing power effectiveness.

Amsoil european motor oil

The MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is easily accessible in SAE 5W-30 and 5W-40 along with ACEA requirement of C3 to give high performance.

Completely synthetic, mid SAPS motor oil are specifically intended for the most recent age of petroleum and diesel motors.

Motul 8100 x-clean viscosity

What is the oil type of these lubes?

MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is a Fully synthetic oil ACEA C2 and C3 – specially designed to bring better fuel economy and optimized protection. FE stands for fuel economy.

Being a fully synthetic oil, it is completely manufactured in laboratories and can be used in extreme weather conditions. It provides ultimate protection to engine and provides smooth running.

Although it is costly, but you don’t have to worry about changing it any sooner it cover good mileage and doesn’t need to be changed for a long period of time.

AMSOIL Synthetic European Motor Oil provides exceptional performance and protection for gasoline and diesel engine vehicles.

Its synthetic based oil has high-quality anti-oxidant and anti-wear additives which provides phenomenal engine performance in changing weather conditions.

What Additives do we see in both?

AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil fosters a thick fluid film that aims to keep metal surfaces isolated and sliding against each other in close contact while its strong anti-wear components are quite useful in further diminishing the wear and grating in metal-to-metal contact areas for extensive motor life.

SAPS are normal oil added substances that give required execution properties, including detergency and insurance against wear and oxidation.

The AMSOIL synthetic oil presently has added two new 0W-20 viscosities that meet the wide range of requirements of certain European motors.

Post-retail oil added substances are to be avoided for use with AMSOIL engine oils.

The MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE has wide range of additive substances that are necessary to meet the smooth motor functioning requirements.

It contains several chemicals like polyolefin polyamine, alkaryl amine, and long chain alkaryl sulfonate.

On account of the composition with an enhanced additives bundle, the 100% synthetic motor oil MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE 5W30 is able to fulfill the two specifications; ACEA C2 and ACEA C3.

What do they offer when it comes to Catalytic Converter?

MOTUL Engine Clean successfully exterminates sludge and the harmful clogging caused by deposition which often show up in the motor.

The eliminated particles are then removed at the hour of the oil drain.

It additionally gives an ideal greasing during cleaning cycle to lessen critical measure of phosphorous to promote the life of engine’s emission framework.

It additionally diminishes fumes contaminations emanations, clears the formation of sludge, stains, and burning of the deposits from trouble spots like hydrodynamics lifters and rings.

It benefits from new oil which will fill the engine in the wake of drainage and helps in extending the exhaust system’s efficiency.

The amazing heat resistance, detergency properties and stable oxidation of AMSOIL European Motor Oil assist with keeping the engine clean. It is meticulously formulated to forestall sludge and stain deposit and deliver best catalytic converter efficiency.

Securing emission’s system against varnishes and deposits relies upon utilizing the ideal mix of SAPS (sulfated debris, phosphorus and sulfur).

AMSOIL European Motor Oil is manufactured in six assortments to make sure the appropriate functioning of exhaust framework.

Which is efficient in reducing the sludge built?

MOTUL Engine Clean is has been developed to be utilized in a wide range of diesel and gas engines with injection or carburetors, with or without exhaust system, making best use of all sort of fuel.

It can easily clean the deposition and clogging which often occur in the motor.

Cleansers, that are antacid in nature, help with opposing acid formation in the sludge accumulation measure.

Any and usually all anti-oxidant, dispersant, detergent and additives present in MOTUL Engine Clean are used up during the process.

AMSOIL oil’s exceptional composition is designed to be innately stable to oxidation and acidification.

The AMSOIL Motor Oil gives extraordinary protection against the sediments that are very common to the high-temperature motor conditions.

The extreme temperature elevation and pressure can induce turbo coking by structural catalysis of the oil.

The AMSOIL Signature Series is formulated to convey exceptional engine assurance, resistance to sludge build up, by the means of restricting the temperature increment to just 3.6 percent, securing the turbocharger 72% better than needed from sludge deposition.

Which offers more Oil burn-off protection?

Volatility is a result of oil getting hot at elevated temperatures, making lighter particles evaporate leaving the rest of fluid behind.

This prompts oil thickening, added substance irregularity, higher discharges and oil burn-off.

MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is high working temperature thick oil that holds its structural integrity even at elevated temperatures.

Being profoundly resistant oil, MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE doesn’t bubble and dissipate even in the case of intensely high temperatures. This prompts clean greased up frameworks, longer motor life, and enhanced execution of the functions required.

The Friction Modifier technology is designed to extract max power output yield with lower working temperature allowing for extreme sheer resistance.

The AMSOIL European Oil has a stable molecular design that helps to resist oil burn-off and keeps it where it’s required most – securing the motor.

As a test of its excellence, the AMSOIL European Oil falls far below the API range in the NOACK Volatility Test, decreasing the requirement for continuous oil top-offs and restricting vehicle exhaustion alongside decreased oil evaporation.

Engine Wear-off – How these oil prevent this from happening?

MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is designed for giving extended engine shielding from wear while stretching the mileage.

This item has special engineered synthetic base stocks along with the friction modifier particles and mid SAPS levels in order to produce remarkable oil film protection to diminish grating and wear in the engine.

It offers most extreme oil film stability at exceptionally high temperatures, subsequently the motor wear is greatly decreased.

AMSOIL pure synthetic engine oils are composed with versatile base oils and additives that are good enough to withstand the extreme temperatures and stress better when compared to regular/conventional oils.

The decreased engine friction is quite helpful in bringing about 75% more motor protection against power dissipation and wear than needed by the industry standard, increasing the life of delicate parts like cylinders and cams.

Does one offers engine seal off protection?

Any place seals are introduced and regardless of their composition, engine oil is a necessity to boost life and execution.

The comparability of the seal is accomplished by choosing the appropriate base oils and added substances that cause seals to grow at a lethargic, controlled rate over their usable lives.

This permits for the seal material to replace worn material to forestall the untimely spillage.

Seal conditioners are necessary to assist keep with fixing materials bulky in order to keep them from becoming weak and causing spills.

MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is composed of a specialist agent to restore polymer seals and gaskets harmed by the intense temperatures of ordinary motor activity, which can in other case often bring about oil releases and result in costly mechanical repair.

The AMSOIL manufactured oils are composed to be completely viable with present day seal materials.

The AMSOIL delivers phenomenal seal security, assisting them with working appropriately all through their working service tenure.

Is fuel economy affected by one or another?

The friction modifiers, anti-oxidants, cleansers, and detergents in MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE help in cleaning of the sludge deposition and extend exhaust system’s life while being sheer stable at elevated temperature, adding to the mileage.

The base oils that are used to produce AMSOIL synthetic oils, are made utilizing a procedure that produces base oils of a consistent molecular integrity and structure.

The smooth, unadulterated particles in AMSOIL engineered oils slip effectively against each other, increasing the greasing when contrasted with regular oils and result in augmented fuel efficiency.

They are naturally steadier and more resistant at high temperatures, bringing about less oil utilization.

Which oil has more life?

There are various ranges for different variants of AMSOIL European Engine Oil. A rule of thumb for AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic Motor Oil is guaranteed for 25,000 miles/12 months (15,000 miles/12 months in severe service).

AMSOIL XL Synthetic Motor Oil is guaranteed for 10,000 miles/6 months, or longer where recommended by electronic oil life monitoring systems.

MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE has a similar oil change frequency of about 23,000 miles/year (12,000 miles/year in severe service.

Which is easier on your wallet?

AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 has a retail price of17.5 while MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE has a retail price of $ 37.56 for 169.5 fluid ounces.


MOTUL 8100 X-clean FE is a pure synthetic oil with specifications of Mid SAPS ACEA C2 and C3 and is uniquely formulated to bring efficiency “FE” and greatest shielding to the engine. It’s appropriate and compatible with the most recent versions of Gasoline and Diesel motors.

It is also viable with exhaust systems and Diesel particulates filters “DPF”.

AMSOIL has been producing the best oils since 1972 and is today viewed as a forerunner in the business as they continue endeavoring at setting higher designing benchmarks in their oils.

The organization has never brought down their compositions in order to reduce expenses yet all things being equal, produce top of the line lubricants with their own protected base stock oil innovation to make it the best in the business.

Their items definitely beat different regular engine oils by enhanced protection against contact wear and extreme temperatures to give your vehicle or hardware greatest efficiency for most extreme performance and eco-friendliness, offering best cost to specs proportion.