Motul 8100 (X-Clean & Eco-Nergy) vs Shell Helix Ultra

Both Motul 8100 and Shell Helix Ultra are fully synthetic oils that can be utilized in both petrol and diesel type engines. Here, Ultra is developed in the lab by natural gas, which is focused on cleaning and protecting the engine. While Motul 8100 X-Clean focuses on cleaning and Eco-nergy on improving the fuel economy of the vehicle.

Ultra has active cleaning technology which increases its cleaning capabilities. It provides extreme sludge protection and cleaning even at the longest oil drain periods. It is made from the Shell PurePlus Technology which enhances engine performance. It provides better viscosity, friction, and volatility which improves its fuel economy.

Compare Shell Helix Ultra with others:

Eco-nergy remains a “fuel economy” oil designed to be used as low friction and low HTHS (High-Temperature High Shear) viscosity oil. It has a special friction modifier to form a remarkable oil film around engine parts, reducing their friction. It is known for regulating the oil temperature and maintaining its pressure.

X-Clean as the name indicates provides good cleanliness to the engine parts. It has a decent level of SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus, and Sulphur) as anti-wear additives, providing lubrication to the engine parts. Sulfur present in this oil also has detergent and antioxidant qualities. It has good high-temperature resistance, allowing lower oil consumption.

Shell Helix ultra

Comparison Table

TermsMotul 8100 X-Clean (5W-30)Motul 8100 Eco-nergy (5W-30)Shell Helix Ultra (5W-30)
Oil CategoryCompletely SyntheticCompletely SyntheticCompletely Synthetic
Engine ClassPetrol / DieselPetrol / DieselPetrol / Diesel
Existing viscosity grades5W-40, 5W-305W-30, 0W-305W-40, 5W-30
Cost of a liter volume3.8$5$3$
Oil switch rate (Km)800017,00010,000
ACEAC3A5/B5, A1/B1A3/B4, A3/B3

Catalytic Converter Performance Comparison

The ash formed by the burn up of phosphorus and zinc compounds included in the oil as anti-wear additives, result in hindering the catalytic converter’s performance. The oil that has a lower number of following extracts will excel in conditions of converter execution.

The highest quantity of these additives is found in Eco-nergy, Ultra has a medium amount whereas X-clean has the lowest of all. That’s why it is the best option in comparison, to be used with the catalytic converters.

Oils in Comparison (Grade: 5W-30)Zn Concentration (ppm)P Concentration (ppm)
Motul 8100 X-Clean807665
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy856890
Shell Helix Ultra906812

Sludge Buildup Reduction Comparisons

The corroded oil when combines with the pollutants like dirt, coolant water, etc. form a thick slurry called sludge. This sludge is a major threat to the engine as it could block the pipes carrying oil to the engine and may cause the engine to cease. Different compounds are added inside the motor oil as detergents to remove and prevent the buildup of sludge.

The X-Clean has the lowest number of detergents available. It relies mainly on calcium which is also comparatively lower than other oils. Hence, making this oil the least effective in fighting against the sludge. It also has the lowest quantity of silicon to avoid foaming.

Eco-nergy has the highest quantity of both calcium and magnesium which are its main detergents, making it most effective for avoiding sludge build-up. The quantity of silicon is also the highest in this oil, allowing the best anti-foam ability.

Ultra has the highest quantity of sodium but its magnesium and calcium quantities are a little lower than Eco-nergy, making it the second-best oil in provisions of slurry decline. It is also second in anti-foam ability due to a comparatively lower quantity of silicon.

Oils in Comparison (Grade: 5W-30)Na Concentration (ppm)Mg Concentration (ppm)Ca Concentration (ppm)Si Concentration (ppm)
Motul 8100 X-Clean5916064
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy530250110
Shell Helix Ultra71823395

Comparison of Oil Burn up Comparison

As the temperature of the engine increases, it poses a threat to vaporize the oil. An engine oil with a higher number of lighter molecules will break down easily and vaporize quickly. This causes the vapors of that oil to reach their flash point (ignitable condition) at a lower temperature compared to the oil with a lower number of lighter molecules.

The flashpoint temperature of Ultra is highest, X-clean is medium while Eco-nergy has the lowest. Thus, Ultra is higher resistive oil in terms of volatility.

Oils in Comparison (Grade: 5W-30)Flashpoint Temperatures (°C)
Motul 8100 X-Clean230
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy226
Shell Helix Ultra237

Comparison of Engine Wearing Security

To reduce friction between moving engine parts, the anti-wear and tear additives form a lubricating film around them, making them operate without causing friction. A higher number of these additives ensures better protection by forming a thicker layer, further reducing the friction.

In X-Clean, all the anti-wear additives are tested to present in the lowest quantities. Therefore, its engine wears off protection is the lowest of all.

Eco-nergy has the highest quantity of Phosphorus additive from all the other oils but the rest of its additives are comparatively lesser than Ultra’s, ranking this oil second in terms of wear protection.

Ultra leads the competition with the highest amount of Zinc, molybdenum and boron additives, allowing it to effectively reduce the friction between engine parts.

Oils in Comparison (5W-30 Grade oil)Zinc Concentration (ppm)Phosphorus Concentration (ppm)Boron Concentration (ppm)Molybdenum Concentration (ppm)
Motul 8100 X-Clean807665421
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy856890439
Shell Helix Ultra9068127046

Thickness Evaluation

The kinematic viscosity of the oil is the measure of its internal resistance to flow. Elevated kinematic thickness means better movement of the oil. Similarly, a greater viscosity index shows that the oil has a greater capacity to withstand variation in its thickness owing to temperature fluctuations. Pourpoint is the freezing point of the oil, the lower the temperature, the better it is.

At a medium temperature (40°C), X-Clean leads with the highest kinematic thickness and as the temperature rises to a higher level (100°C), it maintains its lead by having the highest kinematic viscosity at the higher temperature as well. But, since ultra has the lowest effect on its viscosity by a change in temperature, that’s why this oil’s viscosity index is the highest. The viscosity index of X-Clean and Eco-nergy are lower respectively.

In cold weather, both the Eco-nergy perform equally well, whereas the Ultra leads with a slightly lower pour point temperature.

Oils in Comparison (Grade:5W-30)Kinematic Viscosity at 40oC (mm2/s)Kinematic Viscosity at 100oC (mm2/s)Viscosity Index (VI)Pourpoint (°C)
Motul 8100 X-Clean70.812166-36
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy57.610.1163-36
Shell Helix Ultra66.6411.37176-39

Oil Shift Regularity Assessment

Base additives of the motor oil are its “Total base number”, which neutralizes the acids formed during the combustion process. A higher TBN indicates longevity, and this number gradually decreases with time when the oil is used. Thus, the oil with higher TBN has longer oil change intervals.

The Eco-nergy has the greatest TBN, Ultra has lower while the X-Clean has the lowest of all. Therefore, Eco-nergy, Ultra, and X-Clean have oil intervals of 17,000, 10,000, and 8,000 Kms respectively.

Oils in Comparison  (Grade: 5W-30)TBN (mg of KOH/g)
Motul 8100 X-Clean7.4
Motul 8100 Eco-nergy10.2
Shell Helix Ultra9.3

Cost Comparison

Ultra is the cheapest of all the oils with a rate of 3 US dollars per liter whereas the X-Clean and Eco-nergy are available for 3.8 and 5 US dollars/liter respectively.

Brief Review

  • All the oils in comparison are fully synthetic oils made for both diesel and gasoline engines.
  • Eco-nergy is most suitable to be used with catalytic converters.
  • The sludge reduction performance of the Eco-nergy is the best.
  • Oil burn up shield of the Ultra is the highest due to the highest flash point temperature.
  • Ultra is best equipped to reduce friction between the engine parts.
  • The kinematic viscosity of X-Clean is highest at both 40 and 100 degrees Celsius.
  • Ultra has the highest Viscosity Index and the lowest pour point temperature.
  • Eco-nergy have got the longest oil change interval due to the highest TBN.
  • Ultra is non pricy and the most cost-effective oil.