Shell Helix Ultra vs Mobil 1 All Round Performance

Shell Helix Ultra is specifically used to maintain the great efficiency of high-performance engines due to its clean and massive high quality. They have been manufactured under keeping in mind several conditions, and that’s how they don’t even drop a single percentage of your engine performance at all.

On the other hand, Mobil 1 oil plays a vital role in cleaning and ensuring your engine’s quality performance. They can be easily compatible with several types of engines, as well as high-performance engines, and that’s what makes them reliable for several engines.

Shell Helix Ultra vs Mobil 1

SpecsShell Helix UltraMobile 1 All Round
Oil TypeFull syntheticConventional/Full synthetic
Engine TypeGasoline and DieselGasoline and Diesel
Available viscosity gradesSAE 0W-30
SAE 0W-40 (just one)
Oil change frequency10000-1200010000
AdditivesDiesters and Poly EstersSodium Sulphate

Shell Helix provides you with several viscosities grades, making it compatible with more and more critical engines. Its manufacturing involved PurePlus technology which highly adds value to enhance engine performances.

The cleaning powers, compatibilities, friction levels, and provided viscosities; everything is playing a good role in making this oil a prioritized choice for car holders.

shell helix ultra viscosities

This oil has viscosities of SAE 0W-30, 0W-40, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 10W-60. These may be affected due to temperature variations. You will experience thinning and thickness along with the seasonal changes.

Mobil 1, on the other hand delivering efficiency in engine performances and protection.

That’s because they contain high-quality filters which can last up to thousands of miles without reducing any capabilities of your car engine. Besides, its preserving qualities are appreciated by the experts.

This oil offers you just SAE 0W-40.

Mobil 1 all round viscosity

Oil Type Comparison:

The massive capabilities of Shell Helix have been observed in extreme conditions.

It promotes engine power, efficiency, and fuel economy due to the ingredients and additives added during manufacturing.

They are famous for their lubrication power which is undoubtedly a demand for constant engine health.

Besides, Mobil 1 gets your engine rid of irritating sludge and harmful deposits.

The additives involved in this play role to promote efficient engine protection from acids, rusts, and contaminants, and that’s how they ensure the long term performance of car engines.

Comparing Additives:

Shell helix ultra

For the better stability of the engine and its performance, Shell Helix Ultra always prefer to use Polyesters or Di-esters. Because they play an essential role in making the efficiency of fully synthetic motor oil more accurate. The running performance and friction control also improved.

Besides, Mobil 1 oil uses sodium sulphate as an additive because it lets your engine surfaces get rid of corrosion and accumulated sludge. That’s how you will have stable engine performance.

How these oils maintain the health of your cars catalytic convertor?

The catalytic converter changes harmful compounds into safer gases, but it shows incompatibility with unburned fuel and causes sparking, resulting in catalytic converter failure. Below is how these two oils avoid such haphazard.

Shell Helix, along with its reducing friction power, improves fuel consumption and better exhaust emission. That typically ensures NO entrance for unburned fuel and catalytic converter failure. Also, help your catalytic converter to operate even in extreme driving conditions.

According to the experts, engine cleaning is directly proportional to the catalytic converter performance. The manufacturers have made Mobil 1 oil with quality additives that focus on engine cleaning and exhaust cleaner. So, the clean exhaust system also reduces accumulated sludge and deposits.

Which is more efficient in keeping your engine clean?

Incomplete or unburned fuel consumption with no suitable detergents to car engines causes the accumulation of sludge. Besides, poor ventilation or low engine operating temperatures also be the reason behind.

Shell Helix ensures NO sticking of tiny dirt particles on engine surfaces that together to form sludge. That’s all possible due to the efficient cleaning agents. In addition to this, it also ensures the removal of deposited sludge elsewhere into the engine.

Mobil 1 uses anti-oxidants and detergents to improve oil life which further improves engine cleanness. Here, the detergents also play a vital role in that they don’t even allow contaminants to stay. That’s how the cleanness improves, and the formation of sludge is avoided.

Engine Protection you get with these oils:

If we talk about the reasons behind the engine seal’s leakage, they may be including bad seals connections and degraded engine gaskets.

Shell Helix works on the formula that it keeps the seals of a new engine away from the problems that cause its seals to leak later. These may include accumulation of sludge and deposits and low fractioning.

Besides, the Mobil 1 oil is playing an incredible role in this regard by active cleaning agents. They stop sludge accumulation by reducing the sticking of tiny harmful sludge particles, which ensures a protected and supported engine.

Shell Helix has introduced protective agents which make protective layers upon engine surfaces. This is what avoids metal-to-metal contact even in high temperatures, loads, and extreme driving conditions. Besides, also burn-off is avoided, which may produce sludge, and then friction.

Mobil 1 mainly focuses on reducing friction elsewhere in any part of the engine. Because they might think friction may be the root reason behind every engine problem. They use detergent agents, protective additives, and other anti-oxidants, which reduces friction, and ultimately wear on cylinder bores, piston rings, and other parts.

That’s what surely avoids metal-to-metal contact to avoid wear-off.

Which oil better improves fuel economy?

Shell Helix Ultra engine oil shows compatibility with high performances engines because it operates temperature conditions even in extreme conditions. When the temperature is maintained, the friction, extra warm-up of the engine, and overall performance will be fine. That’s what factors improve fuel economy.

Besides, Mobil 1 has introduced fuel-saving ingredients in manufacturing. They crucially avoid high friction rates and acidic accumulation, which may harm your fuel economy percentage. Also, their protective agents help your engine to sustain fuel economy performance.

Impact of Oil burning

Oil burn may result from decreased engine cleaning and worn out parts playing a role in maintaining the engine’s efficiency.

Shell Helix has provided the car engines with various viscosities grades, suitable for engine efficiency. The low viscosity grades and the compatible additives to the wear protection highly avoid burn off protection. That’s how engine cleansing and efficiency are maintained in a manner by Shell.

Besides, Mobil 1 follow the same path and provides low viscosity grades. But it focuses on the same efficient performances even in higher temperature conditions. They maintained and ensured positive oil impacts on engine cleaning and overall performance.

when do you have to change them?

The Shell Helix offers you the oil change frequency of 10000 to 12000 km. You will need to perform an oil change after this reach for better engine performance.

The Mobil 1 engine oil offers around 10000 miles of oil change frequency. The engine will start dropping its performance if you do not perform oil change after this reach.