Who makes Walmart Oil?

The primary producer of Walmart oils is Warren Oil Company (a private industry) which has a number of subsidies in different states of North America.

This company manufactures oil in abundance and exports it to more than 45 countries worldwide.

The production capacity of this industry is nearly 140 million gallons per annum and it occupies an area of more than two million square feet for the manufacturing and distribution of its products.

Note: Warren Oil Company also makes Super Tech Oils.

Manufacturer of the Super Tech oil

Oils brands produced by Warren Oil   

The following brands of oils are produced by Warren Company:

  • Gold Band
  • Itasca Oil
  • Lubrigard
  • Coastal Oil

Private Labels under Warren Company

The manufacture and packaging that comes under the company’s own private labels include:

  1. Craftsman Gumout
  2. Accel Premium
  3. Mag 1
  4. Polar

Warren Oils sold by Walmart

Warren Company produces a variety of oils that are being sent to Walmart.

Some most popular Warren oils that are available at Walmart stores are as follows:

Super Tech Motor Oil (Grade: 5W-20)

This oil is a fully synthetic oil that provides a mileage of more than 10,000 miles and protects the engine from deterioration.

The oil is developed from premium base oils and their effectiveness is enhanced by adding additional supplements.

This product of Warren fulfills all American Petroleum Institute (API) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) standards and is one of the most in-demand oil.

Super Tech High Mileage Dexos Motor Oil (Grade: 5W-20)

This oil is specifically manufactured for vehicles that require longer drain intervals.

The oil is a fully synthetic product and is equally compatible with various conventional oils providing thermal protection of up to 10,000 miles and thorough rinsing of the engine from sludge and other contaminations.

Like its peer, it is also fully SAE as well as API approved.

Super Tech All Mileage Motor Oil (Grade: 10W-40)

This premium oil fulfills all basic standards like API, and SAE and is equally compatible to be used in both old and new types of vehicles.

The high-quality anti-wear additives included in the oil assist to protect the engine from getting degraded in addition to the excessive amounts of detergent that help to clean the sludge effectively.

Quality of Warren made Walmart Oil

To find the quality of oil, it goes through a series of tests, and if it fulfills specified standards, it gets Dexos certified.

This certification is proof that the oil is of supreme quality.

Two types of Dexos certifications are available:

Dexos 1 Gen 1:

The oil that has a certification of Gen 1 possesses super quality ingredients.

Moreover, it provides longer oil interchanging intervals of nearly 15,000 miles.

Furthermore, its kinematic viscosity is also high to resist high-temperature situations.

Dexos 1 Gen 2:

In this standard, in addition to Gen 1 characteristics, the oil possesses better control in removing deposits from the engine, and faster oxidation occurs in it.

Low-Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI) is a common problem faced by the majority of engine oils.

However, for the oil fulfilling this standard, this problem is lower as compared to the reverse scenario.

All Walmart oils fulfill both these Dexos standards and thus are considered of superb quality without the fear of any environmental damage.

Price Comparison of Walmart Oils with other oils

The price of these Warren-specified oils is comparatively lower than the extravagant price of other motor oils.

This makes these oils one of the preferred choices of most consumers having limited budgets.

The oil is also a better value for the money option as at such a low price they are getting nearly as effective performance if not greater than high standard oils such as Mobil 1, Valvoline, and so on.

The average price of these oils falls between 15 to 20 US Dollars.

The reason for their lower price than high-quality oils is that the big dealers like Walmart buy them in large stocks so the manufacturer (Warren) provides greater discounts.

This saves the manufacturer from the hassle of spending fortunes on the oil’s advertisement and popular stores like Walmart get their product at a cheaper rate so both parties get benefited.