Motul 5000 VS 5100

Both of these oils are semi-synthetic in nature, formulated for 4-stroke motorcycle engines, and have Ester technology. 5000 lubricant is enriched with HC-tech base oils to preserve engines and prolong … Read More

Shell Advance Ultra Vs Shell Advance Long Ride

Both contenders are manufactured by Shell for modern and high-performance four-stroke motorcycles. Both are suitable for all motorcycles with a wet-type clutch system. Both of them are manufactured through PurePlus … Read More

Who Makes Amazon Oil?

Amazon oils are made by Warren Distribution Incorporated. It usually makes AmazonBasics Engine Oils, which commonly serve as a synthetic automotive lubricant. Warren Distribution emerged as an oil manufacturing company … Read More

Who Makes WIX Oil Filters?

German organization bought WIX and shut the Dillon service in 2016 that had produced WIX goods locally for more than 40 years. WIX oil filters are owned and made by … Read More

Liqui Moly Cera Tec vs Metal Lube

Cera Tec is an anti-wear additive that is formulated to boost the anti-wear capabilities of motor oil by equipping it with micro-ceramic particles and a load of chemical friction modifiers. … Read More

Liqui Moly Cera Tec vs Nano Energizer

Cera Tec and Nano Energizer are the leading products from the manufacturers Liqui Moly and Korea NanoTech Institute respectively, that are made for reducing the wear inside the engine. They … Read More

Liqui Moly Cera Tec VS Xado

Liqui Moly has created Cera Tec to help the motor oils fight against the wear and tear inside the engine. While Xado also does the same but with the bonus … Read More

Liqui Moly Cera Tec vs Motor Protect

Cera Tec and Motor Protect are both formulated by the Liqui Moly industries as anti-wear additives which are to be mixed with the motor oils to increase their wear reduction … Read More

Liqui Moly MoS2 vs Cera Tec Additive

Liqui Moly has developed both the MoS2 and Cera Tec as anti-wear additives which are added to the motor oils to improve their friction reduction ability. MoS2 uses Molybdenum as … Read More

Shell Rotella T6 Vs Delo 400 SDE

Both contestants are completely synthetic heavy-duty engine oils prepared for four-stroke diesel engines with Delo being also compatible with four-stroke gasoline engines. The durability of vehicles’ emission control system is … Read More

Havoline Pro DS vs Pennzoil Platinum

These motor oils are used for only gasoline type of engines. Both of them are wholly synthetic. Havoline Pro-DS’s center of focus is cleansing of engine meanwhile Pennzoil Platinum generally … Read More

Petronas Syntium 1000 VS Petronas Syntium 800

Syntium 1000 and 800 are both semi-synthetic and are compatible with gasoline and diesel engines with fuel injection, multivalve, Turbocharger, and supercharger. Syntium 1000 is made with CoolTech technology to … Read More

Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy VS Castrol Edge

Both the Fuel Economy and Edge are synthetically made for all types of gasoline engines including those with high performance, multi-valve, fuel-injectors, supercharge, and turbocharge. Fuel economy as the name … Read More

Motul 6100 Synergy vs Motul 4100 Power

Motul formulated both the 6100 Synergy and the 4100 Power using the “Technosynthesis technology” which employs a mix of synthetic and mineral oil, using ester as a synthetic oil base. … Read More

Kendall GT-1 Max vs Valvoline VR1

These engine oils are totally synthetic, utilized in only gasoline engines. The main focus of Kendall GT-1 Max is on fuel economy while Valvoline VR1 generally emphasizes on engine rinsing … Read More

Shell Rotella T4 vs Valvoline VR1

Shell Rotella T4 is a synthetic blend oil utilized in both gasoline and diesel engines. Valvoline VR1 is a fully synthetic oil used in gasoline engines only. T4 focuses on … Read More

Liqui Moly Vs Motul 8100

We are comparing Liqui Moly Molygen New Generation and Leichtlauf with the famous Motul 8100 X-cess. And all of the contenders are fully synthetic motor oils manufactured from the group … Read More

Motul 8100 VS Motul 6100

Motul 8100 X-Clean EFE and X-Clean Plus are both fully synthetic motor oils, whereas the Motul 6100 Syn-nergy is a semi-synthetic oil. All these oils are established for both petrol … Read More

Amsoil XL VS Amsoil Signature Series

Amsoil XL and SS are both completely synthetic engine oil made to be utilized in gasoline engines. XL is used in highly advanced automotive gasoline engines, including those with turbo … Read More

Shell Helix Ultra vs Shell Rotella T6

Shell Helix Ultra is a fully synthetic oil made for both gasoline and diesel high-performance engines. It has active cleaning Technology for reducing the sludge build-up. It provides 30% more … Read More